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I am Rajan Arora and I am the ‘brain’ behind this platform. I started this blog to share my knowledge on entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle blogging. Bloggerable is ‘reader’s ultimate destination’ for uplifting lifestyle, trends and tutorials regarding tech and digital media, gadget and gaming reviews, managing finances, witty content… Oh my god! What not?

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What the Heck 'Bloggerable' Mean?

When I was banging my head on the desk at a speed of 356Km/hour while searching for a good name, there was only one thing in my mind:

What are my ‘abilities’ for running this ‘blog’?

You guessed it? See how strong our bond has become.

Bloggerable is a compound word of ‘Blogger’ and ‘Able’. So, it simply refers to any topic which can be used to write a blog post about. You love something, I write about it and…

It’s Bloggerable. Ta-Da!

Coming Soon!

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Why Should You Read My Blog?

Rajan Arora (Blogger of Bloggerable)

"Words are not magical. People are!"

- Rajan Arora

Well, I am a Blogger and a Creative Graphic Designer that currently lives in Chandigarh (India) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I have a passion to write and share my knowledge (that’s why this blog exists) of digital media.

And not only this, I am a passionate learner and I love technology. I can eat gigabytes the whole day. I love games and witty content. Do I like netflix? Yes!

By the way, this is not the first blog I made. I had a blog once and it does not exist anymore. Of course, everybody makes mistakes and that’s how we learn. Why am I sharing this?

With my experience, I can make your blogging experience smoother.

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