13 Deadly Mistakes Amateur Blogger Makes that Kill a Blog!

Amateur Blogger Blogging Mistakes by Bloggerable

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Congratulations! You just started your money-making blog. And chances are, you’re feeling like an amateur blogger who really doesn’t know what to do next.

Don’t worry! Starting and launching a profitable blog is easy as 1, 2, 3. You just need an affordable fast web hosting + a free domain + some writing skills, and you’re ready to make money online.

But, the hard part is maintaining and running a successful blog. The success of your blog depends on your performance in the first 5 months.

According to researchers, an average blog post takes 35 weeks to rank on Google, but some amateur bloggers don’t understand the concept and instead expect fast results. So, a successful blog is all about putting in effort to set you up for the long haul.

Now, let’s talk about why you need to read this post if you’ve just started your journey as an amateur blogger.

Why You Should Know These Blogging Mistakes

The more knowledge you learn about the blogging business, the more successful you will be. By reading this post, you will:

Amateur Blogger Blogging Mistakes

  • You’ll get to know about 13 blogging mistakes that you make most commonly as a new blogger.
  • Blogging mistakes are scary as an amateur, but you’ll eventually learn the solutions and the best way to correct them.
  • Chances are, you’ve just started your blog or want to start a blog the right way. You can stop wasting your time and get straight to the actions and precautions you need to consider to make your blog successful.
  • When you learn these practices, you gain knowledge you need to be successful and, moreover, how to help other beginner bloggers, too.

It’s time to read blogging mistakes that amateur blogger makes all the time and how these mistakes may ruin his or her blog. The best thing to do for your blog is to avoid them at all costs.

Using Free Domain Name For Blogging

Domain Name

When I started my first blog back in 2015, it was a disaster. I spent my summer holidays on writing blog posts on Blogger. This is a free blogging platform, provided by Google, where you can create a free blog in under 5 minutes with a free domain name.

It looks like yourname.blogspot.com (isn’t it a sub-domain?). Anyhow, after 2 months, I found out that if you want to make real money with your blog, then you need a premium domain on a self-hosting platform.

Something like yourname.com (looks cool!).

There are three reasons why .com domains are best for making money online:

  • SEO BOOSTER: Studies show that any paid domain has high rates of ranking faster on the Internet. Google or any other search engine prefers to show blog posts by serious bloggers who are ready to invest in their blogging business to create quality content for their users.
  • BRAND MAKER: Any paid domain is a single entity. You can control it and it only reflects your brand. You can use this domain with any hosting provider and create its own domain authority to rank it higher. It is also easy to remember.
  • HIGHER INCOME: Many affiliate programs require premium domain names for registration. On the other hand, for a successful email marketing campaign, you need a website verification with a premium domain.

Once I shifted to .com domain, I saw a tremendous change in the popularity of my blog. I got my free .com domain with premium web hosting at $2.89/month with Hostinger. Read my Start a Profitable Blog Guide to get an additional 56% discount on your web hosting. 

Using Old and Slow Hosting Service

Bloggerable Web Hosting Illustration

Google takes your website’s loading time as a great factor of page ranking. Back in the old days, people used apache servers to host their blog.

But, trends are changing and Google wants your blogging website to load faster than ever. In one of the recent requirements for SEO rankings by Google, they stated that your site should load in under 3 seconds.

And, blog hosting services are a major factor for speed time. That’s why I prefer Litespeed Servers for hosting my money making blogs. Litespeed Servers are faster and provide a smart cache for your users.

Bloggerable Hostinger Review Homepage

Hostinger provides you High-Speed Litespeed Servers at an affordable price. It is a professional web hosting provider with WordPress optimized hosting to give you an extra boost.

Hostinger Review Bloggerable

Their response team is available 24 by 7 and comes with:

  • FREE Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate for FREE
  • FREE Business Email
  • Litespeed Cache Plugin
  • Image Compression Service
  • Automatic Email Reply
  • Daily/Weekly Backups

And much more… For me, Hostinger is my first choice and I’m more than happy with it. Give it a try and see just how high quality this service is for yourself. And, how about the results?

My website loads in 0.6 seconds when fully cached, and 1.2 seconds with first time loading. That’s less than half the limit set by Google. Bring it on…

Working in the Wrong Niche

Blogging Profitable Niches

What happens when you put forth so much effort and get zero results? You feel like you failed, right?

Choosing the right niche for your blogging business is very crucial. It is what you’ll talk about for the next 1 year. You must have great knowledge about the niche.

And, the niche should have high-interest rates. For a successful blogging career, try to choose a niche with high search volumes, great affiliate opportunities, and low competition. That’s the only formula for blogging success.

Choose which is common and people are looking about it on the Internet every day. Once you find your target niche, search relevant topics on the Internet, and find your competitions.

See what they are writing about. Analyze their content and income sources. Are they promoting some brands? Are they running ads to make money online?

You can go to Google trends to check the popularity of your topic. It shows you how crazy people are feeling about something particular such as ‘freelancing websites’ or ‘pick up lines’.

Google People Also Searching SEO by Bloggerable

You can also look at the ‘Related Search Phrases’ section at the bottom of Google Results to narrow down your niche.

Make sure you do not target a highly competitive niche without a proper marketing strategy. That way you’ll create a black hole, nothing else.

Setting Wrong Expectations

Know what you are doing

Generally speaking, people think that blogging is an ‘overnight money making lottery scheme‘ which anyone can do and become rich like Bill Gates.

Wakey wakey, dreamy boy!

Blogging is a full-time career field where you can earn a lot of income, but only after putting a certain amount of effort in and giving it optimum time. It is a combination of writing quality content, performing proper search engine optimization, fulfilling all the technical parts of the digital marketing industry, and giving it enough time to become an authority to stand in the competition of six-figure income.

In simple words, blogging is the result of consistent efforts and waiting for a certain period of months before expecting upwards of $1000 per month in income.

How much time does it take to earn a steady income from blogging?

On average, it takes 35 Weeks for a blog post to rank on google and to get you to steady organic traffic.

From this single statement, you can analyze that blogging is all about giving and giving in the starting and then it gradually turns into receiving and receiving after 1 to 2 years.

Organic Traffic Stats Illustration

But, what do people generally do?

They quit blogging within the first 3 months of starting. Isn’t it ridiculous?

So, if you are new to blogging, just stay focused on creating quality content for your readers. Sometimes, patience can bring the best version of destiny. Meanwhile, up your Pinterest game for faster traffic. A well-planned strategy can make a major difference in your blog’s success.

Breaking Consistency

Bloggerable writing illustration

Give me one reason to put you in front of the people I know. Why should I talk about you in front of my family, my friends, or my colleagues?

That’s the same feeling a search engine gets!

Your blog is just one month old and you are expecting the results of a high-quality publishing house. It won’t work, especially not if you’re not putting in the effort you need to be.

The number one thing which search engine optimization teaches us is ‘writing consistent content all the time‘ as the elder one says content is the king.

You got my point?

You need to publish a minimum of 5 high quality blog posts per month on your blogging website. Mind you, it’s the minimum.

I have seen many bloggers who are writing and publishing on a daily basis and getting 3x results from their blogging career. The key to a successful blog is to publish quality work with consistent quantities.

My only motto of highlighting this blogging mistake is to say that do not let your blog die silently. A blog with 10 to 20 blog posts is nothing in front of the internet.

ClickUp Review by Bloggerable

Though it may differ from niche to niche, you need to publish the content consistently because someone is always \trying to write a better article than yours. You can use ClickUp (I personally use it!) for managing and running a successful blog.

Not Linking To Others

Blogging is not about taking all the credit every time. You are losing your potential SEO power if you are not linking to other relevant and helpful resources for your reader.

Let me tell you the biggest reason behind linking to other quality e-resources apart from your own blogging website:

AUTHORITY: When you devote your traffic to a particular resource you become an Authority for that topic. A reader thinks that you are sharing helpful content and he admires your suggestion.

SEO ROCKET: In a study, it was found that linking to other domains can increase your SEO scores. Google prefers an article with outbound links to high domain authority URLs and ranks it above others.

BACKLINK HACK: Many bloggers are happy to give you a backlink if you ask them. And, by linking to them, your chances of earning an income get higher. They receive a backlink from you, you get a backlink from them and you both get higher rankings on your targeted keywords; it’s a win-win situation.

So, whenever it feels like directing your reader to a resource, just do it! Make sure that the link opens in a new tab otherwise you will lose your reader.

Awful Blog Design

Bloggerable content designing illustration

Things are getting pretty easy as you are publishing great content, but wait! Is your site design good?

Okay, let’s say it is looking good with all those vibrant colors and a great logo. But, is it SEO friendly?

Yes, you heard it right. The design of a blogging website affects your SEO scores. You can get higher rankings if your blogging website design is good enough to handle the crawlers and organic traffic efficiently.

As a solution, I always suggest using a good theme for your blog. Here comes my secret weapon:

Best WordPress Theme So Far – Astra!

Astra Theme Review Bloggerable

My only recommendation for a good WordPress theme is, and always be, the Astra WordPress Theme.

This theme is best for blogging experience. It comes with many features like:

  • Light-Weight Theme (50kb only)
  • Elementor Page Builder Friendly
  • Comes with Premium Features
  • Over 1 Million Users
  • Unlimited Possibilities with CSS
  • One-Click Child Theme Support

My love for Astra will never end.

You want something else? Then check out these themes that I personally selected for you:

AVADA: This is the most trusted premium theme used by bloggers and website owners. It’s more like a website builder theme with drag and drop abilities. You can use pre-made templates and designs, or create a new custom design. This theme will definitely blow your users.

THE X THEME: Highly promoted by brilliant bloggers and friends of mine, Jim and Ricky at IncomeSchool, this theme is a multi-purpose package for your blogging journey. It has a custom content builder toolkit that you can use to easily customize your content.

To make it easy for you, use a good theme which is user-friendly and doesn’t harm your SEO. That’s it!

Using Non-Business Email

Email Marketing by Bloggerable

Are you working for your blog or Gmail?

The question explains a lot. This is one of the major mistakes that an amateur blogger makes all the time.

Using a non-business email like yourname@gmail(dot)com is totally a waste of time. It looks totally unprofessional and doesn’t suit your branding strategy.

Your brand is what people believe in. If they cannot see it in your Email ID, they will not take you seriously.

And you know what? My web hosting provider solved this problem for free!

Yup! With Hostinger, you get 5 Free Business Email accounts along with your blog hosting. It’s a steal deal!

Just create a new business email, set a password, and you are good to go.

Ignoring Off-Page SEO

I have analyzed some of the very popular bloggers on Pinterest and I am amazed that only few have optimized their blogs for SEO.

In a recent study, it is observed that many bloggers (especially female bloggers) only care about Pinterest marketing. No doubt, Pinterest is a great source of referral traffic from social media and you can get high success rates.

But, ignoring your search engine optimization is as similar as pushing your car into the valley. It’s easier than driving it, but not so adventurous at the end.

That’s why, you need to focus on your blog SEO from the beginning. And one of the major parts of SEO is it’s technical Off-Page SEO.

Don’t Worry!

With this Free Site Audit by Semrush, you can get your SEO report instantly and it will guide you on how to optimize your blog for Google Rankings. It’s an easily-do-able sort of thing.

You can also use GTmetrix and Pingdom for your blogging speed test. Give it a try!

Not Building WP Security

Focus on your Goals illustration

Hackers are everywhere. These bad souls are constantly trying to get into the backend of six-figure income making sites to get all the money. It is the biggest nightmare for any content creator.

I am not kidding. Somebody tried to hack my blogging website after 2 days of creating it. It was a Russian hacker. How do I know all of this?

Because I installed Wordfence Plugin at the beginning of making my blog. It’s a Freemium WordPress security and malicious activity checking plugin, which helps me stay up to date with all the activities happening at the backend of my blog.

From updating a plugin to forced WordPress login attempts, it is the best plugin that keeps you in the loop as far as your blogging stats go.

Every time, when someone tries to be smart with their coding, this plugin blocks their IP Address and sends you an informative email. It gives protection to your blog. A must-have plugin!

Leaving Pinterest Behind

Pinterest Group Boards

You don’t know the power of Pinterest marketing as a blogger. Pinterest is a social media platform where you can save all your ideas into one place.

As a blogger, your readers save your pins on their boards so that they can revisit when they want. Pinterest helps in getting more and more saves, it also helps in promoting your links to new users.

Organic traffic takes time, Pinterest can explode your blog with targeted readers. But, the point being, Pinterest alone cannot do much for you.

If you really want to get the most out of Pinterest marketing, then you must check Tailwind.

Tailwind Review Pinterest Reach Bloggerable

It is a Pinterest content scheduler that helps you to get Pinterest famous instantly. In one of my recent experiments on Tailwind, I got a reach of 2.1 million uses in just 8 days. For some bloggers, Pinterest is the main source of blog traffic.

Start a Pinterest Business Account and Get $15 Credit + 100 Pins Free for Tailwind with this link. Grab your readers…

Using Nulled (Cracked) Themes & Plugins

The Internet is full of cracked WordPress themes and plugins. Everybody is giving it for free. Yay, you paid nothing to get the most famous tool for your blog. You must be feeling happy, right?

If you have installed the cracked file like these, just delete it immediately. I repeat, DELETE it!

That’s why I call you an amateur blogger

Hackers now-a-days are playing with your financial emotions by bugging premium themes with malicious codes and giving it to you for free.

What will they get in return?

Your income! Exactly, your income and everything you made. These codes are powerful enough to let them inside your backend to steal your income, modify your Affiliate Links, and god knows what!

So, do not install these ‘GPL Membership‘ things. Instead, use free resources and earn money. Reinvest that money into buying genuine licensed versions for your blog.

Not Investing in Right Tools

Blogging Tips Bloggerable

I know it’s hard to spend money as a new blogger but don’t become an amateur blogger, even when you start earning something out of your blog.

Here’s what I’ve realized from my blogging career – Your invested money multiplies 100 times in blogging with the right marketing strategy. I realized this on my second blog. What’s free is accessible to all and doesn’t hold the scope to create something extraordinary.

That’s why always invest some amount of your income into useful plugins.

I personally recommend these blogging tools for faster growth and income:

Tailwind Pinterest Tool by Bloggerable

TAILWIND: The most loved tool by all the bloggers. Apart from SEO’s organic traffic, Pinterest is the most useful social media platform for bloggers. Tailwind is a Pinterest post scheduling tool that lets you get referral traffic from Pinterest.

SEO takes 6-8 months to send you a good amount of traffic, that’s why you need a steady traffic source as a backup. And you know what?

For some bloggers, Pinterest is the main source of traffic and blog income. If you have got a tailwind account, you can get over 20,000 pageviews even in your 2nd month of blogging.

Grammarly Bloggerable Review Logo

GRAMMARLY: It is free to use tool and chrome extension which helps you get live grammar checking features while writing your blog post. Writing good, error-free content is a green signal for SEO.

Just give it a try for free and if you want to unlock 400 additional features, go buy a subscription and create memorable content for your readers.

SemRush Bloggerable Review Logo

SEMRUSH: If you don’t have Semrush, you are not ready to grow your business to the international audience. Search engine optimization has become a competitive field for bloggers and website owners. And, you definitely need a practical and reliable strategy to penetrate into the search results.

With Semrush, you can create free site audits, keyword research, generating backlinks, tracking your blog and your competitor’s blog on particular keywords, and much more.

I use this tool all the time and you can too for free. If you want to take the premium subscription then with this link then you can get a 14-day free trial

Warfare Plugins

SOCIAL WARFARE: Do you see those beautiful looking social media icons in the starting of this blog? That’s Social Warfare.

Okay, here’s a little story on this. At first, I spent a week finding the best codes for social sharing plugin. But, things were getting messy as my site speed was getting low.

And then, I installed Social Warfare and it boomed my site speed along with brilliant looking social media icons. You can use this for sure!

LONG TAIL PRO: If there’s any software that can boost the organic traffic on your blog, then it’s Long Tail Pro. This amazing tool provides instant high volume long-tail keywords that are hidden from any keyword research.

Implementing strategies from this tool can boost your organic traffic up to 400% within 30 days.

Being an amateur blogger, you always skip focusing on long tail keywords. Your blog is new and it cannot compete with high domain authority blogs. So, focusing on long tail keywords with the help of Long Tail Pro can give you space in SERP results.

Besides these, there are other tools which I use to run this blog like heaven. You can visit my resource page anytime to jump into my tools.

Leave Amateur-Blogger Behind!

That’s the wrap. These are the mistakes that almost all amateur bloggers make that are enough to ruin their blog. Just to earn faster income from their blogging website, they forget the purpose of their blog.

I’ve made some blogging mistakes and I dare you no to repeat the same. Meanwhile, blogging should come from inside. It is quite easy to make money with a blog but if you want to earn long term recurring passive income from your blogging career, then you’ve to run your blog like a pro.

If you’re making these mistakes, start avoiding them right now. It won’t help you in growing your blogging business with the speed which you’re expecting.

Don’t be the amateur blogger! Break your habit of not earning anything from your blog due to malpractices and join the group of elite bloggers who are earning a six-figure monthly income from their blog.

If you like this post, then please do let me know in the comment section. Share this post with your friends and let’s help each other. Keep reading good stuff.

Good Luck,

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