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Blogging is a fun field and it becomes a heck when you’re confused in handling the numbers of income and expense. Just by managing it the right way, you can increase your productivity by 300%.

This is the exact Income & Expense Tracker that I use for my blog. I’ve a clear vision on what are my main sources of income and how much I’ve to earn to cover my expenses to get into real profits.

Features of Blog Income Tracker ➜

You might thinking that what’s so unique about it? Well, that’s how this Tracker stands out from crowd:

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What's Included in this Tracker?

  • Accurate Blog Income Tracker – Get the self-calculated blog income tracker out of the box. Use it with MS Excel or Upload it to Google Sheets, it’s all your choice.
  • An Instruction Handbook – It’s a get to start handbook on how to successfully make it work with your preferred tool.
  • Graphical Data – You will get Income and Expense Graphical Comparison straight out of this tracker and it will help you get to the point. Either in profits or in losses. 
Rajan Arora (Blogger of Bloggerable)

"Words are no Magical. People are!"

Meet the Blogger (Creator of this Tracker!)

Well, I am a Blogger and a Creative Graphic Designer that currently lives in Chandigarh (India) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I have a passion to write and share my knowledge (that’s why this blog exists) of digital media.

And not only this, I am a passionate learner and I love technology. I can eat gigabytes the whole day. I love games and witty content. Do I like netflix? Yes!

By the way, this is not the first blog I made. I had a blog once and it does not exist anymore. Of course, everybody makes mistakes and that’s how we learn. Why am I sharing this?

With my experience, I can make your blogging experience smoother.

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