23+ Best Freelance Sites for Beginners (Work from Home!)

Freelance Job Sites for Beginners

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Finding the best freelance sites for beginners on the Internet is not an easy task if you’re a complete beginner. Don’t Worry! I’ve compiled a list containing freelance jobs online for beginners and even professional freelancers.

This is a super freelancing job list and if you’re seeking a professional freelancing career, looking to earn extra income from home in your free time, or just want to explore the money-making field of freelancing then you’re at the right place.

The freelancing industry works perfectly for people seeking potential jobs on the Internet!

As we’re getting closer to the best freelance sites list, I assure you that freelancing jobs can help you with planning your own job schedule, working from a remote area (or work from home, if that matters), and getting weekly income upon completing freelance projects.

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Not only is this about freelance job sites for beginners, but this list is an endless online job opportunity for people finding online jobs. Some of these jobs are online data entry jobs, freelance writing jobs, freelance graphic design jobs, or any virtual assistant online job.

A Little Tip for Freelancers from a Freelancer!

In order to find job opportunities online, I highly recommend you sign up with these freelancing sites to get freelance jobs faster. Make your Freelance Profile and create your online portfolio to attract clients.

Upload your best samples (just make them if you don’t have any) and take freelancing tests to prove your skills.

Once you’re registered on all the freelancing job sites as a beginner, start observing the jobs. Bid on low competitive freelancing jobs to increase your chance of selection. You can earn money by freelancing if you use strategy.

And you can share information about your new freelance career as a budding freelance artist with your friends. I got my first freelancing graphic design project from a friend. Ah! those first $25 in my pocket.

In addition to freelancing job sites for beginners, I suggest you have individual legal contract templates for freelancers.

The reason?

If you are a professional freelancer or just starting your career in the freelancing field, you’ll always need to carry freelancing laws in your pockets. This also helps in boosting your freelance portfolio and creates goodwill with your project client.

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Likewise, I recommend you check out this Freelance Contract Template Bundle. It’s not written by just any random person on the Internet. The creator of this template bundle is a lawyer and she has already helped many freelance artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with digital media laws.

I’ll make it simple. Just go through this quick list of freelancing job sites for beginners.

Ultimate List of Freelance Job Sites for Beginners to Get Paid Weekly

Finding freelance jobs online for beginners becomes easy when you have a super exciting freelance job site list. The first five sites on this list are highly recommended and the rest of the list is in random order. For a brand new freelancer, applying for every freelance site increases your chances of getting jobs fast.

1. Upwork – Best Freelancing Job Site in the World

Upwork is your ultimate destination if you’re looking for freelance jobs online for beginners. It is a giant freelance platform from creators to clients (you can also run the freelance agency on Upwork). It is a freelancing website with more than 1.5 million clients and gives you an opportunity to get short term freelancing projects as well as long term projects. You can charge per hour or bid for the completion of a project by stating an amount.

Note, the portal charges a commission amount of 20% from your income. Also, note that you need to get approval before bidding for freelance projects.

2. Fiverr – Small Freelance Projects Easy Money

Fiverr Freelancing Job Site for Beginners Review

If you are literally new to the freelancing field and know nothing about how to create a portfolio, how to bid for freelancing projects, or just want to see if freelancing is the right career option for you then Fiverr is the best platform. You can start by making small gigs as low as $5.

Just create your profile, create a new gig on Fiverr, add some samples and let Fiverr do the work. You can also promote your gigs.

Expert Tip: You are a blogger looking for a High Commission Affiliate Program? Join Fiverr Affiliate Program and get up to $150 per CPA. It’s higher, way higher!

3. People Per Hour

Are you talking about the stats? More than 1 Million people come on People Per Hour to find a freelancer to get their job done. They are consistent with every freelancer around the world and also filter freelancers by country. This helps in getting freelancing jobs on the Internet faster than on any other platform.

4. FlexJobs

With FlexJobs, you can easily find remote jobs and work from home freelancing jobs to make money. They charge you money to become an eligible freelancer on FlexJobs but this also ensures that you get the highest paying work for home jobs. The jobs will be legit and you will have low competition since the paid criteria is applicable to becoming a freelancer at FlexJobs.

They offer freelancing jobs for beginners in more than 50 categories. You can use promo code ‘JOBS’ during your checkout to get 50% off

5. Freelancer

What is the largest number of jobs monthly on a freelance website? 2 Million? 5 Million? Okay, 8 Million? Nope!

Freelancer has almost 12.6 Million active job posts at all times. It is the fastest growing and biggest freelancer marketplace on the Internet. You can create a best looking freelance profile and start bidding on top job proposals.

6. Hubstaff Talent

Many agencies and companies are looking for talented people who have a gift for art and creativity to write, design, code and execute. It is a content marketing job website. And you can get a lot of work as a new freelancer. You can make extra income from home working as a freelance artist with Hubstaff Talent.

7. Freelanced

Similar to Upwork, Freelanced is a focus freelance website where you can create a freelancer profile, upload and maintain your portfolio, and bid on job proposals. It’s just a pretty straight forward freelance platform!

8. iFreelance

Unlike other freelancing platforms charging you a fee from your income, this platform offers a pretty cheap $7 (they are modifying it into a free platform) plan and your income is yours. iFreelance is a modern concept based website to get filtered and serious freelance artists to do the job.

9. Toptal

Toptal is for Finance Consultants, Researchers, and other Business Related Professionals. Therefore, anyone looking to build a freelance career in finance can use this platform to get high paying freelance tasks.

10. CrowdSource

CroudSource trains you! Literally, they train you for data entry, modification, and writing work before giving you freelancing data entry work. It’s also good for transcription jobs.

11. Guru

It is the best alternative to Upwork. Yes, Guru is a solution if you find it difficult to stand up to the high benchmarks and freelancing competition set by Upwork. Guru offers you low-paid jobs, fixed contracts for data entry from home, and also pays you on a monthly and weekly basis. Consider it as a good freelance career starting platform.

12. StackOverflow

If you’re looking for tech-savvy like-minded people then Stackoverflow is the best online job board for you. Its dedicated service connects you with clients who are looking for freelance web developers, Java programmers, Python engineers and other coding lovers for full-time remote jobs.

Showcase your portfolio with the help of a developer story and get high paying freelance clients.

13. Pro Blogger Jobs

Pro Blogger Job Board is a service that connects freelancer bloggers, ghostwriters, and content writers with potential bloggers. I highly recommend this platform if you’re a freelance writer looking for easy writing jobs online.

14. 99 Designs

It’s in the name. 99 Designs is a platform that brings potential clients and web designers together. If you can make Web Development Content like themes, plugins, CSS codes, or Short HTML Snippets then this is your ultimate destination.

15. Hireable

Hireable is a platform where you can start working. But before getting any freelance job, you must pass a screening test. It helps the serious freelancers and can help you in getting better jobs due to low competition.

16. Media Bistro

Media Bistro, as the name implies, connects freelance writers and journalists with various publishing authorities. If you’re a fiction writer or a news story writer, they have the best possible online writing jobs for you. You can simply write for HBO, CNN, Bloomberg, and many more.

17. Freelance Writing Gigs

You are a writer. You want a job. Freelance Writing Gigs is here! Find tons of freelance writing jobs on this website but make sure you have something to show them. Consider starting a blog and showing your writing skills.

18. Project4Hire

Project4Hire is for you if you are an IT person. They often require developers, designers, coding geeks, and writers to produce content for the Internet.

19. Behance

Behance is the hub for creative artists, designers, and visual content creators. This platform is focused on the designing field and you can make money by doing online jobs like graphic designing, motion graphics, video editing, and other media-based jobs online.

20. Tutor

Tutor is the best freelancing website for Tutoring online. You can teach your favorite subject or skill to someone and get paid weekly. It is highly recommended for teachers who want to make extra income from home. Simply get paid for your coaching lessons and earn passive income by diverting your students to your blog.

21. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine (definitely not your daily magazine) is a freelancing website that offers jobs for Mobile app designers, Java Developers, UI Developers, Web Developers, and other related coding tasks. They offer remotely full-time jobs and part-time projects with a time commitment of your choice.

22. Servicescape

Servicescape is a ‘Start-up Business‘ oriented freelancing website where you can do simple jobs like freelance writing, project-based graphic designing, translating text to earn money, or simply editing the content to make it better. This platform gives you many ways to contact a client (via mail, message, or phone call) and helps you with better communication.

23. CloudPeeps

The CloudPeeps platform has been created for freelancers working in the field of copy-writing, email marketing, social media, and working as a team partner from your home. It has already helped hundreds of freelancers and clients complete their freelancing jobs.

24. Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners if you’re looking for Virtual Assistant Jobs online. Their platform can be accessed via any browser on windows, mac, android, or any other internet surfing device. You can easily make money with Truelancer by doing simple work from home. The best part is you can easily become a marketing trainer on this platform.

Our Verdict on Best Freelance Job Sites online?

If you really want my personal opinion then I’ll suggest going for Upwork. Once you establish a reputation on that platform, you can have a six-figure income as a freelancer. That’s not a joke. People are making huge incomes on Upwork.

And if you are just a new, tiny, scared freelancer… then Fiverr is a good place to try. (that’s why I kept them at the top of the list)

I’ve tried to cover every possible freelance website for beginners and professionals. If you think that there’s a freelance website that deserves to be on this list, just comment below and we will put it on this post. Sharing this post with your friends can help them. Keep reading good content!

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