This Blog Post SEO Checklist will Explode your Organic Traffic Instantly!

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Blog Post SEO has become a hurdle for many new bloggers because of the frequent updates in search engine’s algorithms. It’s a dream of every blogger to get high organic traffic on their blog to make money online with blogging. And to be quite honest, targeting keywords for SEO has totally changed in the past couple of years.

To make steady and high income on the Internet, you really need to write high quality and SEO friendly blog posts. Can I share a secret?

It’s really easy to write SEO friendly blog posts. It takes me 4 hours to write a blog post that is worthy enough for search engines to show it on the first page.

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In this secret recipe of ranking on first page with SEO, I’ll share the exact formula which I use to get organic traffic.

But why organic traffic is so important?

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Believe it or not, Organic Traffic has the highest conversion potential to make huge profits. These are the readers who are actually looking for solutions and would love to spend their money on the products that make their life easy. And if you’re already dreaming about a six-figure income statement in your bank account, then I want you to focus on…

What to Expect with this SEO technique?

I want to share one hard truth about organic traffic and SEO techniques. If you’re completely new to blogging or digital marketing field, then it’s a good idea to set clear expectations about the hard work or efforts you put in writing a great blog post or making good content for your blog readers.

Know what you are doing

Steady Organic Traffic takes time. You cannot expect fast results with SEO unless you’re a big brand already famous among people. And here’s what I’ve observed from SERP algorithms:

It takes 8 months for a Blog Post to Rank fully on Google Search Results. It’s the average!

What? Are we giving birth to babies?

Got it? It’s as simple as that. Whenever you write and publish your blog, give it a few months to appear higher on search results. Google is not your toy. Its highly advanced search engine algorithms perform many kinds of Off-page and On-page SEO tests to give the best articles to the readers. You’ve already seen Google providing feature snippets to some particular search queries.

Make sure to get a FREE Site Audit with Semrush to look for any errors which make you look like a dumb blogger in front of search engines. Semrush also provides 10 accurate keyword research queries daily for free.

How On-Page SEO boosts your Blog Traffic?

Every day, millions of internet users use different search engines to get a solution for their queries. These are the people who are potential customers for any brand.

Organic Traffic Stats Illustration

These people have the ability to spend their money on the products you promote, clicking on the ads, and helping you earn a good steady six-figure income from your blog.

There is no doubt in the conversion rate of these users. Now, let’s see how content search engine optimization can bring automatic blog traffic every day.

Thousands of articles are published every day and search engines like Google or Yahoo are using their bots (known as crawlers) to get the best article for a search term. These crawlers always favor the article which has repetitive words that are being searched by the user.

So, you need to impress those crawlers with fully optimized content to rank better. You can target long-tail keywords, generating backlinks, and a ton of stuff. But these are factors that are completely related to your content writing for the blog. Let’s begin!

💎 Ultimate Blog Post SEO Checklist in 2020 ➜

After searching for many months and trying different methods to write SEO friendly blog posts, I have made a list of a checklist that actually works and helps you to rank on the first page of Google.

Make sure to read it fully to understand how SEO writing has been changed for competitive blogging. This will explain how you can optimize your content to get the best possible organic traffic.

Potential Keyword Filter!

This is the most crucial part of writing a good blog post. Without this path, you cannot know if you are putting your efforts in the right direction.

SemRush Bloggerable Review Logo

And to make it simple, all you have to do is put a keyword filter to use specific keywords and phrases in between your sentences.

For my keyword research, I use Semrush. It is free and lets you search for the keywords. It also shares the keyword difficulty, who are your competitors, and how many backlinks you need to get better rankings.

You can also use Google’s ‘People also looking for’ a section to get an idea of similar keyword phrases. There are tons of Paid and Free Keyword Research methods available on the Internet. Just use what suits you and always aim for high search volume and long-tail keywords.

‘Why Me?’ SEO Titles!

If there is anything that makes you stand out in the crowd, it’s your ability to write click-worthy titles. The problem with the Internet is, it’s already oversaturated by the content and people have talked about the same topic a hundred times. What makes a user click on your content?

Blogging Tips Bloggerable

And I call this technique, the ‘why me?’ your titles. It is really simple to do. First of all, you need to make a list of keywords that you are going to target for your blog post.

Once you make the list, write some click-baiting titles consisting of your keywords. For example, instead of writing ‘How to Do Keyword Research for Free‘ you can write ‘This Free Keyword Research Method Boosts Your Blog Traffic‘.

I use Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule to get some insight.

I hope that this is making sense to you. Just focus on creating the interest for users and you can expect a lot of traffic on your blog within months of publishing your article.

3% Filling Rule!

Bloggerable writing illustration

Okay, I want to be genuine with you! No matter how much you read about people claiming that ‘write good content, don’t worry about keyword…‘ kind of posts, it simply does not work. Not at all…

What I’ve realized in 5 years of field research, Keyword Stuffing works; even today. But, in the same contrast, I would also like to say that too many keywords can make you look like your spamming the Internet. And we don’t want to do that.

If you ask me, I always maintain a fair rule of 3% of Targeted Long Tail Keyword Stuffing. For example, if you are aiming for a 2000 word blog post, then you should include your keyword or similar phrases for at least 60 times. I know that you’ll say that’s too much. But believe me, it isn’t at all.

Blog Post SEO is all about modifying your content to create a balance between the user’s readability and crawler’s behavior. Modifying your content will index your site for the right keywords to get the right kind of organic traffic on your blog.

Answer Like King!

This is the number one mistake that people do while writing blog posts for their readers. Everybody is aiming to rank on page one of search results but no one is putting enough effort to do this one simple thing. And that is ‘writing well’…

Rich Blog Content Tips

I mean, look at the new bloggers who are just trying to earn fast money by sending irrelevant traffic to their blog. They use comment spamming and living links on every single wall, but are still not able to make a penny. They put all their efforts into spreading their article to the last eye but no one makes an effort to write quality content. You are aiming for the best, right? Do you deserve to be the best?

Look at your content and ask your heart. If you were a reader of your own site, would you consider it to share with the friends? Will the content on your site be able to help millions of people on the Internet. Why I use the word ‘King’ here?


A King is supreme and people trust his decisions. People trust that no matter what, their King will fully understand their problem, will provide the best possible solution to its people, and will always try to add something to the life of everyone.

So, in the field of blogging, when a user searches for queries on the Internet, Google wants to show the best possible answers to get the highest satisfaction level. If you answer well, Google won’t mind keeping you above Wikipedia in the search results.

In short, aim for more than 2000 words per article and try to cover every single detail of the topic. When you look for the genuine details, word count automatically increases.

Literary Master!

Two main factors which helps Google rank your site faster are Readability and Error Free Content. And both can be achieved with Free Tools!

Bloggerable content designing illustration

Before we talk about the tools, I want to share with you why well-written content is needed to rank faster. The number one reason why I am insisting you write a good article is that it increases your credibility on the internet by providing the best content possible. 

And the second thing, Google has always preferred user-friendly content as compared to keyword-stuffed content.

In simple terms, Google wants you to write a good article without focusing on keywords. But at the same time, you have to tell the search engines that you are writing about this particular search term and you want it to rank high.

For Readability, I use free Yoast SEO plugin. It gives me live updates for readability scores.

Grammarly Bloggerable Review Logo

To write error free English, I use Grammarly. It is Free to use and gives you error report while typing. It also improves your voice tone.

So, always try to make a balance between the readability of the content and its search engine optimization.

Aggressive Subheads!

The simplest form to target any keyword is by putting them onto your Sub-Headings. You send a good signal to the search engines that you’ve tried to cover all the possible topics related to the subject of your post.

Keywords in Sub Headings Illustration

Make sure you do not over optimize it. It is really dangerous to over optimize your blog post, as it makes you look like you’re inserting irrelevant keywords to get high rankings.

The 20% rule can be a good thing to start with. For every 10 Sub Headings in your post, insert your keyword into 2 of them. Try to be intriguing with headings and also focus on the topics that others are not talking about.

Loop Your Reader!

One of the most common key factors for Bounce Rate and Page Views of your Blog is an Inbound Link. These are the links that drive traffic to another post on your blogging website. The catch? Inbound links should always be relevant.

Do not offer Pizza Recipe to someone reading your Blog Income posts.

When you put click-worthy inbound links, the user tends to click and become familiar with your blog. It also increases your credibility since you’re covering more topics like Best Blogging Tips in the same field.

Infamous Backlinker!

Do you want High Authority Follow Backlinks to boost your search engine ranking? Do you know that giving backlinks also boosts your Page Authority?

Bloggerable Coding Sitemap Illustration

Well, it’s true! When Google finds a post that refers the reader to highly credible websites, it marks your post as a genuine answer to the query of the user. Studies show that when comparing two similar articles but one doesn’t have any ‘Outbound Links‘ the chances are it will rank lower than one with outbound links.

So, always put good reference websites (but the link should always open in a new tab). It will help you to maintain the bounce rate of your website or blog. My golden rule is to add 1-2 ‘Do-Follow’ outbound links. Just make sure to link High Domain Authority blogs.

Name Your Frame!

How would you show an image to a person who cannot see? You’ll describe it with words, right?

Image alt text seo

That’s why, using Alt Text for Images is considered a good practice for Search Engine Optimization. The Alt Text is placed in case the images don’t load due to any technical error. But it also helps Google Crawlers to know about the image and where to put it in search results. So, naming your images with the right keywords is very important, especially if you’re competing for a high competitive keyword on the Internet.

Simply rename your images with keywords like ‘Use Alt Text for Blog SEO‘ (in case of this post) before uploading them on your WordPress Media Panel. Once they’re uploaded, fill the alt text area with the same name. It helps you get High SEO scores every time.

Speedy Images!

You’ve no option other than having Speedy Images on your Blogging Website. No matter, if you are optimizing your blog post for SEO or not, people love websites that load faster. Think like a user. Will you wait for 10 seconds to load a page just to find out that images are still loading? Nope. Nobody has time to wait!

Compress Image TinyPNG for SEO by Bloggerable

And even Google’s SERP algorithms promote websites with high-speed loading factor. If your site is loading under 3 seconds, then you’re good to go. But if not, I highly recommend you to have a FREE Site Audit by Semrush (I use it too!).

You can check your blogging website speed on Pingdom and GTmetrix to make it faster.

Now, for the images to load faster, I use Litespeed Image Cache (comes FREE with Hostinger Web Hosting – best for blogging!) and TinyPNG, it’s a free image compressing service that reduces an image size up to 70%. I always compress my images before uploading them on servers. This also helps me in maintaining low data usage on servers.

Litespeed Image Cache converts your images into .webp which helps in faster load times. Also, with Hostinger Web Hosting, I get 0.43 seconds of site load time to get the fastest speed possible. Use code ‘000_STARTER_OFFER‘ to get a 56% additional discount with my link.

Publish with Shoutout!

Email Marketing by Bloggerable

On an average, 70 million new Blog Posts are published every month. Why would Google recommend you to the users?

You must give a solid reason for higher and faster ranking for Blog Post SEO. If you get readers at the start of publishing your blog post, then you send a good signal to all the search engines that you have something really amazing for the readers. So, your Publish needs an initial push after it goes live on your site.

Here’s what you can do to get traffic fast on any blog post:

Moosend Bloggerable Review Logo
  • Write a promotional email to your Mail Subscribers about your new post. Give them a reason to come back to your site. I use Moosend (FREE Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers) to send bulk mail to my subscribers.
  • Create 1-5 Pins for every blog post. Pin them on Pinterest. You can also schedule them on Tailwind (100 Pins Free + $15 Discount on Paid Plan), also add them in Tailwind Tribes. I got my first viral pin there!
  • Answer in Forum Sites like Quora or Reddit. Be genuine and add something useful to the site.

It’s Your Time to Rank Higher in SERP with Blog Post SEO!

Achieve your goals

That’s it! It is the exact On-page SEO strategy that I use every time to prepare my content for better organic traffic by simply optimize my blog post for search engines. Do not rush for the traffic. I know people who are making 10 times income with only half the traffic of their competitors. All you must do is, produce quality and worthy content for the readers.

Just make sure when you’re doing Blog Post SEO for your content, that you do not ruin its readability and value. You can get an organic visitor once, but your content can convert it into returning visitor. Apply these strategies and let me know the results in the comment section.

Good Luck,

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