(Genuine) Ezoic Review: Increase 275% Ad Revenue Overnight!

Ezoic Review for Ad Revenue by Bloggerable

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Are you ready to increase your Ad Income by 275% without doing anything?

In my Ezoic Review, I’ll share the secret of high ad revenue. Keep reading!

Yes, it is possible and Ezoic is the name of this wonder. Ezoic is an intelligent monetization platform for publishers to boost their advertisement income from major ad networks. It’s similar to Google Adsense, Media.net, PropellerAds, etc. but Ezoic uses its smart ad placement technology.

In this detailed post on Ezoic, I’ll share my genuine (and I’m impressed) Ezoic Review. I’ll be covering everything from what is Ezoic, how to become eligible for Ezoic, and a detailed comparison of Ezoic vs Adsense (which is the most common question). You’ll learn all the pros and cons of Ezoic for blogging.

The simple thing is… You can earn more with Ezoic if you’re already using the above ad networks.

But first, I want you to check this out…

Here’s a quick summary of how Ezoic will boost your blog income automatically by placing smart ads on your blogging website.


DEALS IN: Ad Management, Security, and Content Delivery

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: 10,000 Monthly Visitors

AVERAGE INCREASE IN AD REVENUE: 87% from previous Ad Network


MY REVIEW: If you’re getting 10K visitors per month, this can be the best decision for your blogging career. Join Ezoic as soon as possible.

Let me make it simple for you. Suppose, you’re a brilliant writer. You started a new blog and can create wonderful posts that readers love to read. You’re successfully driving a lot of traffic to your blog. Great!

Now, you installed Adsense ad areas on your blog. Even Better!

But, what if I tell you that you can earn money by replacing that ad with Ezoic for 2 weeks. During those two weeks, you can run a few tests to see which ad is converting the most.

With the work that goes into Adsense, it looks like you’ll never have time to write again, right? With Ezoic, you can focus on creating new content while it will handle everything on your blog. Ezoic handles some tasks like:

  • Choosing the advertiser with the Header Bidding system.
  • Deciding the size of the ads for seamless reading and conversion experience.
  • Inserting ads at the right location on your blog.
  • Running a/b testing for ads and performance.

These types of decisions and changes can directly affect your monthly ad revenue. You can achieve the best results by implementing this tool.

4 Unique Features of Ezoic Ads

There are four reasons why I’m a big fan of Ezoic Ads. You’ll be convinced to use this network once you learn more about its features. Ezoic is a smart ad placement system that runs numerous tests while analyzing the interaction of real users with the displayed advertisement.

Using Ezoic Ads can help you earn more than your normal income. I recommend you to check out my post on 5 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Blogging to look for different ad networks and how much they pay.

After the integration with these ad networks, you can have the full potential of Ezoic. You’ll be able to choose the highest paying advertiser on your blog.

The features that make Ezoic a superhero among ad networks are…

Double Ad Revenue Technology

Blog Income Illustration by Bloggerable

Ezoic uses it’s enhanced AI technology to create a custom ad distribution for your readers. With its Ezoic Ad Tester panel, it combines different ad networks and tests their layout and highest conversion area. It’s super easy to install and once it’s up and running, it’ll take some time to understand your user demographics.

After running several ad tests, it will form the best suitable ad revenue with the highest CPC advertisers and its unique EPMV value for Ezoic RPM.

RPM stands for Revenue Per Thousand Impressions. Ezoic RPM is calculated with EPMV technology to give you double revenue on the same traffic.

Free SSL & CDN Coverage

SSL Certificate illustration by Bloggerable

Working with Ezoic can help provide fast and secure content to your readers. The simple concept of using an SSL certificate and CDN along with its ad tester can revolutionize the field of digital advertising for publishers and content creators.

SSL is a security-based certificate used for data encryption of content from servers to the browser of the user. It ensures a safe and secure connection to prevent any kind of hacking or malicious activity.

With Ezoic, you can integrate their CDN and SSL service to boost the security and content delivery performance of your blogging website. It uses Cloudflare for integrating the CDN and SSL.

Header Bidding & AMP Converter

Ads illustration by Bloggerable

Header bidding is the best method to achieve high earnings from AD networks. As the name suggests, advertisers bid to show high on your content.

In simple words, the higher an advertisement is, the better it converts. As a publisher, you can use this technology to get high earnings. Ezoic will handle all the bidding and ads implementation process.

Now, it also helps to set up your blogging website for mobile users. In general language, this is known as AMP-compatible rendering. It is the standard for the responsiveness of a WordPress site to the device and screen of the user.

Google prefers AMP friendly websites to provide a seamless experience for the users. As the internet is becoming user-oriented, it is your duty to show the user fast-loading content. Ezoic Ad network can help you in converting your website to AMP at no charge.

Site Speed Booster

Bloggerable GTMetrix Results

With this ad network, you can increase the speed of your blogging website without any technical knowledge. Ezoic’s SSL and CDN service helps in boosting the speed of your WordPress blog for better content delivery.

For example, you can compare before and after speed stats of your blog using major performance checking tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom.

This type of improvement in the speed and content delivery of your blogging files to users can increase your SEO score and helps you in achieve a higher ranking for your targeted keywords.

Even if you are not using Ezoic, I recommend you use any CDN as it is the standard of the blogging field.

How to Earn from Ezoic Ads as a Blogger?

Ezoic Dashboard by Bloggerable

Installing Ezoic on your blog is very easy. Ezoic ad tester can perform tests on ad revenue for up to 100 ad units. It automatically creates a balance between ad placement and user experience.

Setting up an account is very easy and you can simply go to Ezoic Start Page and follow the below guide for the simple installation of Ezoic ads on your website.

STEP 1: Ezoic Integration

The first step of setting up Ezoic is to integrate the technology with your blog. For this step, I recommend installing a custom plugin to your WordPress dashboard. This plugin will sync your user traction and helps Ezoic in conducting proper tests for the ads on your blog.

It’s a one time only one-click process.

STEP 2: On your Monetization Game

Now, you can go to the Monetization menu and ‘Enable’ the Monetization parameters for your site. This is required to start running the Ezoic Ad Tester.

STEP 3: Adding Tests for Ads

In this step, you’ll add or wrap previous ads for testing. If you are using an Ad Network like Adsense or Media.net then you can wrap those ads within the codes given by Ezoic. It is really simple. Just put your existing Adsense ad code between the below codes.

Another way is to add new Ad Holders for the easiest process. For this method, you can manually place ads or you can use Ezoic’s chrome extension to have a drag & drop feature for easy placement.

STEP 4: Google’s Ad Exchange

This is the step where you can easily increase your ad revenue. You apply to Google’s Ad Exchange Program. This will allow you to have Adsense’s premium ad marketplace and automated integration for Ezoic’s partner programs. It includes high demand CPC ads and Header Bidding feature.

It takes 5-8 hours for processing your application, meanwhile, you can continue setting up your Ezoic Ad Tester to increase ad income.

STEP 5: Ezoic Ad Tester

Once you’ve successfully placed holders for all the ads, you can turn on the Ezoic Ad Tester through the Monetization tab in your Ezoic Dashboard. Make sure you cross-check everything and save before leaving the page. 

STEP 6: Wait and See it Grow

This is the part where you need to sit relax and let Ezoic perform several tests for your website. It takes 3-4 months and you can expect 4x RPM from Ezoic.

Moving from Adsense to Mediavine can be tough as it requires 50,000 users per month. So, Ezoic can be the best option for you to increase your revenue as a blogger.

Ezoic vs Adsense vs Media.net

Many people are asking this question. First of all, we cannot compare Ezoic Ads and Adsense, or any other equivalent network, as Ezoic uses these ad networks to boost your earning.

In simple language, your Google Adsense ads will be displayed via Ezoic’s smart Ad testing system. So, searching Ezoic vs Adsense is useless. There are many ad networks that provide better CPC and CPM rates than Adsense. The good part is that you can find these networks within Ezoic’s Ad Integration panel.

But, if we rephrase your question to ‘Adsense vs Ezoic with Adsense’, then I have the answer that you’re going to love. These are the stats from Ezoic’s official site and claim to be 100% true.

Just look at the increase in the earnings of these sites. (image snippets from ezoic)

Ezoic Case Study by Bloggerable
Ezoic Case Study 2 by Bloggerable
Ezoic Case Study 3 by Bloggerable

Now, you know how powerful it is to use Ezoic? Let’s look at my final verdict on this Ezoic review.

Final Thoughts (My Ezoic Review)

Still, wondering if you should start using Ezoic ads on your blogging website? Okay, here’s a deal that I’m offering you. If you like it, follow it for a lifetime. Choose whatever suits you best:

  1. Leave this blog post and keep earning wherever your ad network is sending you. No extra efforts, just focus on your content. Ah, what a life!
  1. Qualify with 10,000 visitors per month. Signup for Ezoic, invest 1 day in setting it up properly (it’s easy), and earn 2.5x ad revenue from Ezoic.

Which one would you like to choose?

I hope this post cleared your doubts. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Share this post, if you think it deserves more eyes. This was my genuine review of Ezoic ads and I’ll catch you in the next post. Keep reading good stuff!

Good Luck,

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