10 Practical Gifts for Bloggers for Better Blogging

Gifts for Bloggers

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It’s difficult to choose the best gifts for bloggers when you are not from the blogging field. Honestly, there are tons of blogging gifts out there, but you won’t find them easily.

All they need is to start a blog and their mind to make the best blog posts, right? What else do they need?


This is the ultimate (100% practical) list of best gift ideas for bloggers and writers. It will help in their productivity and will make them smile instantly!!!

But, here’s a catch…

You may not find these gifts for bloggers worthy enough. But let me tell you, you will thank me for it later.

Being a blogger myself, I always wanted these things. And what could be more surprising if I get these gifts for my blogging from a loved one?

So, let’s move on to the…


I’ve compiled all types of blogging gifts and you can have these awesome gifts for the bloggers to boost their productivity.

I personally love these gifts and I will highly recommend these practical gifts for bloggers.


Tailwind is the best gift you can give to a blogger. For the people who do not know about this goldmine for growing blog traffic, Tailwind is the best (and most affordable) Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tool. With this tool, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blogging website with an autopilot structure.

Tailwind Pinterest Tool by Bloggerable

But, why am I pushing for Tailwind so hard?

The answer is… Visitors.

Your Blogger buddy is doing hard work by writing the best blog post to rank on Google. But Google doesn’t give instant results. Generally, it takes from 3-6 months to rank on the first page of the search result.

And here comes the Tailwind. It helps in scheduling high traffic generating pins for one week in just one hour. And these pins are published by your Tailwind account on your Pinterest profile to get a lot of visitors to your blog posts.

With this discounted link, you can have your first 100 pins free + $15 Credit in your Tailwind Account. Believe me, it’s one of the best gifts for bloggers.


Chances are, the blogger might still be using the free blogging platforms for their website, like – Blogger or WordPress.

These free platforms are packed with amazing features to share your words.

Bloggerable Hostinger Review Homepage

But it has zero income potential. If the blogger is really passionate about blogging and dreams of making a full-time income out of it, then there’s an urgent need to move to a paid platform.

The catch? It’s pretty cheap and you can gift it to someone who really needs it.

For hosting, I highly recommend Hostinger. Why? I personally use their service and it’s the best service at the most affordable prices.

Hurry! Start at $0.99/Month and make your first $100 income this month!


Believe it or not, every blogger wants a premium theme for their blog. But they never show it.

The reasons? Less initial investment.

Blogging seems like a fun and enjoyable field but if you are aware of the recent trends of the blogging field, it may not be your bed of roses.

This is why bloggers only invest in Web Hosting and Domain Name.

Astra Theme Review Bloggerable

And… you can surprise a blogger with a premium WordPress theme to enhance the looks of their blog.

I personally like Astra (I use this!) and Avada. Both of these themes cost around $50

And if you want my opinion? Go for Astra. It has the best features like:

  • Light Theme (50KB only)
  • Editable Footer Credits
  • Works best with Elementor
  • Tons of Add-ons in 15 categories


Think practically. A blogger is busy in finding topics to write about. He can be in a restaurant, in a garden, or at an opera house. Does he carry his blogging laptop everywhere? Nope.

So, this Logitech K480 compact Bluetooth keyboard can save his life a million times. Just think of how easy it would be to connect a compact keyboard with your smartphone and start typing anywhere. Everywhere.

Buy this keyboard – Logitech K380

I feel an urge to write on the go but taking the laptop all the time is a real mess. So, give it a try and unleash your creative blog writing skills.


If there’s one best thing which money can buy for a blogger or any kind of website, then it’s definitely gonna be – Semrush.


Semrush is the best SEO Tool on the market and it’s the only item that you need to get high organic traffic on your website. Semrush gives you the best keyword analysis, website audits, and tons of SEO to beat any big competitor in the search results. It’s unique feature of suggesting high volume and less competitive long-tail keywords helps generate organic traffic on your brand new blog.

Did I tell you?

Semrush also offers tons of free features on Free Sign Up and also includes a free 7 days trial period on Paid Plans.

Sign Up Today!


Are you on a tight budget and want something at $35? Well, this has to be – Making Pinterest Possible!!!

Pinterest Book by Ana Bloggerable

This is not just any ordinary ebook. It is a great money-saving deal for your Pinterest marketing strategy. Here’s what most people don’t see in this $35 deal. At this price you get:

  • 170+ Pages Ebook with practical Pinterest strategies that work 100%.
  • $30 Tailwind Discount Voucher (Remember this? I’ve mentioned it above).
  • BONUS – Video Training for better understanding.
  • 17 Case Studies of Professional Bloggers to make you understand the trends.
  • An invitation to the author’s official Tailwind Tribe.

Ana is a good friend and by using this code – TSA5OFF – you can get an additional $5 OFF.

You spent $30 on Deal. You will get $30 as a Tailwind Voucher. This makes it the Zero Dollar Deal for you!


This may seem like a what-the-heck idea but believe me. It works!

Every blogger is passionate about writing all day. You give him a topic and he will create the best-written content out of it.

And… it’s a mentally draining process. When you write, you create everything from nothing. So, you always need a power shot for your brain. This is why writers (almost every writer) and coffee have a bond beyond this universe.

They love to ‘Drink and Write’… (Pun intended).

So, giving them an awesome coffee mug will remind them of you, every time they take a sip out of it.

Find your favorite one…

Buy Coffee Mugs from Amazon!!!

MooSend or ConvertKit

Email Marketing Service for Websites is a must today. You cannot afford to lose your readers. Thus, bloggers use these best email marketing services to engage a reader, get traffic, and to sell their own products.

To make it easy for you, I’ve shortlisted 2 best email marketing services at affordable prices.


It is the Best Free Email Marketing Service for your Business and you can send high-quality promotional emails to your readers. It has all the features packed in one place.

Another best result-to-price ratio email marketing service with affordable plans starting at $29 per month. You get tons of templates to choose from.

I personally recommendMooSend. The reason is simple:

  • Free for 1000 subscribers list.
  • Awesome templates for professionalism.
  • World-class landing page system.
  • Automatic Email Drills to engage readers.
  • Create your sales funnel easily!
  • Pro plan starts at just $8/month (billed annually)

Go, get a free signup today!


Managing a growing blog is like dealing with the biggest elephant in the tiniest room. It’s tough.

Having a blog planner is always helpful for anyone to track their upcoming tasks, promotions, blog posts, important links, and strategies to engage readers.

I recommend blog planner by Blogging Babe. Choose any one you like and manage your blog with proper planning.


Grammarly is free to join and it helps you in getting error-free writing on the go. Life without Grammarly is impossible!

Grammarly Review by Bloggerable
A Detailed Post on Grammarly for Writers/Bloggers Coming Soon!

Every blogger or writer has the pressure of producing content on a daily basis. And you can expect some typos or errors, even from the professional language experts.

That’s why we need Grammarly!

This amazing tool helps you in grammar correction, sentence structure, readability flow, voice style, and much more.

Gift your blogger a one year Grammarly premium plan and help in their quality content.

WRAPPING UP for Gifts for Bloggers

Believe me, I’ve shortlisted the best and most needed things which a blogger always wanted to have. I feel these tools are necessary to run my blog.

Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers

If you’ve any other gift ideas for writers or bloggers, you can comment below. Pin the above image for your ease and share it if you think this ‘Gifts for Bloggers‘ guide can help somebody!

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