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Finding Long Tail Keywords for SEO has become a competitive task in the field of blogging. As the blogging websites are increasing, the competition among the content creators to rank on the first page of Google is getting tougher. Meanwhile, many companies are using the paid SEM methods to rank their advertisement on targeted keywords. This makes it difficult for small blogs to increase their visibility for organic traffic.

That’s the only reason for you to focus on ‘Long Tail Keywords‘ or ‘Lucrative Keywords‘ to narrow down your SEO difficulty and, over time, gain the trust of Google and other search engines.

And here I present, for the sake of those bloggers who are struggling to find their space on the Internet, my most secretive formula to write SEO friendly blog posts every time using Long Tail Keywords. As a result, you’ll achieve unlimited organic traffic from SERP results.

This is the definitive post on finding ‘Long Tail Keywords’ with low competition and high search volume for Free, using SEO and Keyword Research Tools. With the proper approach, it will double your organic traffic in 3-4 months.

But, Hey! Before I share the secret recipe for SEO Success, would you mind if I tell you that…

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Now, let’s get back to our sweet little long tail keywords to get blog traffic organically.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

A Long Tail Keyword is a Search Phrase or Search Term with a narrow down intent to get a particular result on Google. In simple words, it’s searching for a specific topic with longer search terms to get relevant results.

Long Tail Keyword Illustration Bloggerable

For example, ‘Best Blogging Tips‘ is a keyword, but ‘Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers in the USA‘ is a long-tail keyword. Obviously, the search volume on this keyword will be very low (and only coming from the USA) but the competition on this keyword will be near to zero. As other high domain authority sites are not targeting this long-tail keyword, you can easily get visibility on search engines.

Why should I put an effort into a Long Tail Keyword which is not going to give me bucket load of traffic?

Good Question! I’ll answer your query in the simplest form. If you’re able to somehow rank on Google, your chances of ranking on other keywords will be higher. Here’s another thing, if you write quality content for your visitors, their chances of returning on your blog will increase. It’s a good signal in Search Engine’s eyes that people are coming back to the content. It therefore, must be good enough to rank for similar keywords.

Long Tail Keyword for Organic Traffic Bloggerable

Got it?

Now, let’s find out the exact free method that I use to find high volume low competition long-tail keywords for a perfect On-page SEO. These will allow me to become an authority in my niche and to rank better. It’s all about how you make a balance between User-Intent and Search Engine Crawlers. Let’s get into it!

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Free?

Finding good keywords for blogging websites has become very easy with these free keyword tools for bloggers. You can stick to one or use all simultaneously to get organic traffic on your blog fast.

A-Z Auto Fill

It’s the most simplest method to find long tale keywords. And the best part, you don’t need to go somewhere else, apart from Google’s homepage.

Yes, it’s right in front of your eyes but you never noticed.

Google Long Tail Auto Suggest

With the advancement in AI, Google successfully understands the search pattern of users. It provides other related narrow down search phrases to make it a fast process for Internet consumers. That’s where the hidden gem is!

So, in the ‘A-Z Auto Fill‘ Method, Just write down the base keyword and then write alphabets to get similar search phrases. For your understanding, let’s get back to the ‘Best Blogging Tips‘ search term.

See the results? Those are your Long Tail Keywords. Grab them!

PASF Long Tail Keywords

Another great area to find high demand Lucrative Keywords is Google’s ‘People Also Searching For‘ section at the bottom of search results.

Google People Also Searching SEO by Bloggerable

This works on the user’s behavior pattern of searching for different search terms to find relevant solutions for their query. In simple terms, your targeted audience is also looking for results on these Keyword Phrases.

Do not miss them! They are highly convertible in terms of getting organic traffic and your Google Analytics will explode with tons of visitors coming on your blogging website. They are just a scroll away.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

When talking about Best SEO Tool, I won’t hesitate to mention the ultimate SEO Tool King – SEMRUSH. This is the best search engine optimization tool that I’ve ever seen. It has tons of features like Site Audits, Backlink Tracking, On-page SEO Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Domain Analysis, and much more.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

And it also comes with a Keyword Magic Tool that refines your search term into low competitive long tail search phrases.

It gives you Free 10 Keyword Analysis daily and you can unlock all the features with a premium account. If you’re a new blogger, it is a must-have tool for your blog.

Answer The Public

This is the most underestimated keyword tool on the Internet. Actually, it’s one of the best free long tail keywords finder tools for bloggers. How? Let me show you…

Answer the Public Bloggerable Review

Answer the Public gives you all the trending queries which people are looking for on the search engines. You simply put your base query and it gives you the most common phrases with the highest search volumes.

Isn’t it a fun tool for keywords research?

I personally love it and I’m sure you’ll get addicted to it, once you try it. Go check it out!

The Hoth Keyword Tool

They are another popular search engine marketing beast and provide free keyword research tools to get high volume long-tail keywords from search data.

The Hoth Keyword Tool Bloggerable Review

And do you know the little secret that I observed? Their Keyword Results are as accurate as Semrush. Semrush allows you to get 10 free detailed Search Queries daily on your free account. But The Hoth Keyword Tool gives you unlimited search queries in a crisp form. It’s a good alternative if you want to try it. I used it a lot before shifting to Long Tail Pro (Best Result Oriented Keyword Research Tool – see my review below).

Go give a try to free Keyword Research Tool by The Hoth!


Ubersuggest Keyword Finder Tool Bloggerable Review

There’s no Blogger who doesn’t recognize our enthusiast digital marketing friend Neil Patel and his tool Ubersuggest. This single tool can give you various SEO tips and Keyword Research services with 10 Free Queries per day. But, the analysis of these keywords is really in-depth and I love to use it sometimes.

You can give it a try. It’s Long Tail Keyword Search Difficulty Filter (phew! what a long name.) is one of the best features of Ubersuggest. Try it for your next keyword research for targeting long tail keywords.

Paid Long Tail Keyword Tools

If you’re really serious about your blogging business, then I highly recommend you invest in a Premium Keyword Research Tool. The number one advantage of a Keyword Research Tool is its a descriptive form of giving long-tail keyword ideas with exact word count and backlinks.

With these tools, you can expect results sooner. If you want to get high earnings faster, then these tools might help you achieve success within a few months.

Long Tail Pro – Best Paid Keyword Tool!

Long Tail Pro is, by far, the best keyword research tool on the Internet. Its accuracy is mind-blowing and you’ll get the hidden keywords (which can give you 15,000 visitors per month on an average).

Long Tail Pro Review by Bloggerable

It has daily updated data and you can literally save time by cutting out the guesswork and getting the best possible results. It gives you real-time keyword data with Estimated Revenue (which you can earn from the visitors per month) and it’s just amazing.

If you’re still wondering then let me clear your doubt…

Long Tail Pro is designed for Bloggers and Website Owners to explode their income with hidden keyword targeting using smart filter. Just give it a try and you’ll see the difference!

Find Your Long Tail Keywords For SEO!

Targeting Long Tail Keywords for SEO may look like an extra burden at the beginning. But it’s the only way to get SEO to work for you. All the search engines are oversaturated by digital marketing agencies and website owners with keyword targeting.

The point is, it takes 35 weeks for your article to rank on search engines. With Long Tail Keywords, you’ll definitely get the results. And remember, nothing can replace quality content.

Good Luck,

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