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Monetizing your blog with Ad Networks is a great idea to get a decent amount of passive income every month. It is the real way to earn passive income as a professional blogger. With, you can earn passive income easily.

Let’s suppose you have started your blog. You are successfully writing great content on it and with consistency. And you also get a decent amount of traffic on your blog.

This is the time when you need to monetize your blog with ads so that it can generate revenue every month on its own. The concept of advertisement is really simple. You act as a publisher and provide content along with ads on your blog. Your loyal readers come to read your content and somehow click on the ads to get on the merchant’s website.

And, you get Commission for these clicks. Pin by Bloggerable

Google AdSense is a common platform that everyone can remember easily. But it showers with pennies. Yes, the income that you can get from Google AdSense is near to nothing and many reputed bloggers don’t recommend it.

Google AdSense gives you nothing compared to other networks, and it also makes your site really-really slow. This can harm your SEO score on Google search results and you can get less traffic as a result. So, what’s the solution? is your solution for high ad revenue even if you are not getting 100K page views per month. It offers you a high pay scale for CPC and RPM on your blog.

Here is a quick introduction to this ad network:


DEALS IN:Ad Network & Promotions

CRITERIA: English Content, Unique Posts, US/UK Traffic preferred

MY REVIEW: It has real potentials to increase your CTR with help of Native Ads. Highly recommend if Adsense is sprinkling pennies on you..

Apart from your regular blog income, provides as much as $5 RPM.

Yes, Average $5 RPM with + Gift for You!

Blog Income Illustration by Bloggerable

You have heard it right. If you just take your time to sign up for via this link, then you can have an extra 10% Ad Income for your first three months without any compromise.

This is my gift for all of you who are looking to monetize your blog with ad networks. I always encourage you to analyze the best ad network and then go for it. This is why I will recommend you to go through this post till the end and then decide either is for you or not.

Let’s start with some features that you can only get with and not in Google AdSense.

3 Unique Features of

There are so many reasons that I love over Google AdSense, but in this post I will focus on three major reasons why you should definitely sign up for and how it is super packed with the features that your blog deserves.

Blend-able Native & Contextual Ads

This is the most common problem that publishers are finding these days. The general public of today is smarter than you think and they can easily identify between content and advertisement. 

With this awareness differentiating between sponsored ads, it directly affects the click-through rate that generates most of the ad income.

To tackle the situation, has come up with blendable native and contextual ads. These native ads can take the shape and looks of your blog content, your blog branding, any similar font style.

And this is how you can show ads in between your content without harming the looks of your website. Another benefit of this is that you can click on the ads and you can get the revenue out of it.

Powered by Yahoo & Bing

You may be wondering that Adsense itself has support from Google itself. Then what about


Well, has support from Yahoo and Bing team and that is why we can expect a higher RPM from this network. This makes it a professional ad network with standard quality features for displaying native ads on your site.

You can see providing ads for major publishing houses like:

  • Forbes
  • WebMD
  • CNN
  • Elle
  • USA Today
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Better Homes & Garden

And so on. It all makes it credible enough to give a direct competition to Google AdSense. While Adsense is over-saturated with a lot of immature publishers, you can get the quality of high converting ads with ad network.

Minimal Impact on Page Speed

Do you know why Ad Networks make your site load slow? It is because the processing of Ads and bidding is loaded over to your server along with your content.

Bloggerable GTMetrix Results

With, you can just focus on publishing great content and they will handle all the ads on your site. And the best part is, the bidding of ads for header and placement is completely handled by the servers of ad network.

This process makes your site load fast and you can outrank your competition on Google search result. vs Adsense, Really?

This is the most common question that anyone can come up with while planning the income strategy for their blog. And the answer is really simple.

Let me make it simple for you. we will compare and AdSense on the basis of the income that an individual publisher can earn per 1000 Impressions.

Make Money on Pinterest Illustration by Bloggerable

You have to understand that it completely depends upon various factors but I can provide you an average estimation of what you can expect for these page views.

Google AdSense pays you an average CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) of $1-3 depending upon various factors.

And with, people are claiming that they are getting more than $5/1000 impressions.

What does that mean?

Here’s a simple math formula for you…

Adsense: $3 × (10,000/1000) = $30 $5 × (10,000/1000) = $50

Do you see the difference? Another plus point is having contextual ads that give more CTR (click-through rate) from users. It helps to get an extra income.

See this quick comparison of these ad networks.

Ad NetworkAverage CPMLink
Google Adsense$1 to $3Visit Adsense$3 to $6Visit
Propeller Ads$1 to $2Visit Propeller Ads

Now you got an idea of why you should sign-up for and how beneficial it can be. I also recommend you to sign-up for Ezoic Ad Tester for 10 times Ad Revenue (read my Ezoic Review here) without publishing extra content.

Now, let’s see how to get approval and ads on your blog.

How to set-up in 5 easy steps!

If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria for becoming a publisher under, then it is really simple to set up it on your blog.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for getting Approval from demands the following criteria before approving your request:

  • the primary language of your content should always be English.
  • You cannot get up approval with copied content on your site.
  • Make sure your blog gets more than 5000 page views a month.

If everything goes right, then you can expect an approval email within 2 to 3 days regarding your approval.

How to sign-up for

One thing I really like about is that they have made it really simple for anyone to sign up. You just have to give your name, email ID, and link to your blog or website. Signup Page by Bloggerable

Once you hit the submit button, everything is on their end. You can focus on creating content for your site, meanwhile, they will email you regarding the approval or disapproval of the submitted email.

It’s easy, simple, and anyone can do that.

Final Thoughts

Having an Ad Network for blog earning can be a really beneficial move for the passive income concept. Google Adsense is becoming over-saturated these days with sixteen-year-old kids starting their blog and spamming the community with low-quality content. This has created problems for Adsense and legitimate publishers.

Another great issue with Ad Revenue is the awareness of the blog users. They can easily differentiate between content and banner ads which can result in low CTR on your site. With you get Native and Contextual Ads that blend with your blog design and provide a higher CTR value.

Now, with all this, you can surely click the below button.

I hope that you’ll easily boost your Blog Income with help of this service. Feel free to share and comment. Keep reading good stuff!

Good Luck,

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