How I built Strong Morning Routine to be Super Productive in 2020!

How to Build Strong Morning Routine for happiness

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I say it all the time! You cannot achieve your dream life by sitting on a couch. You’ve to get up and work for it. But the problem with our era is that we feel over-saturated by technology and the flow of information. Every morning, we wake and start scrolling the notifications from last night, or checking out the emails. Therefore, my question is – Are you awake? Don’t you need a Morning Routine to Kick-Start your day with a Productive Mindset?

And why we need to set strong morning routines? Aren’t we putting enough effort into our job? You’re saying that we don’t put 100% effort into our life?

Well, I’m not saying that you’re not putting enough effort into your life. But I can confidently say that you’re not putting what your real capabilities are. You’re not giving what you’ve learned and nourished by your knowledge. And you (definitely) don’t feel energetic the whole day while working for your dream job.

Morning Routine Infographic

Don’t you feel like giving up on some days?

If we’re on the same page then I can relate to your situation. When I say that ‘I can relate’, I literally do! Before we begin to set your morning routine to get the most out of life, I want to share my story on how I get super productive in 30 days and achieved what I always wanted to do.

How Morning Routine Made Me Super Productive in 30 Days?

I’m not going to take you to some sort of childhood memory. Not even a few years back. I’m talking about exactly 3 months ago (from the date of writing this article – August 18, 2020). In May 2020, something changed. And it didn’t happen automatically. I changed it!

Bloggerable Productivity

I’m talking about ‘My Mindset‘.

I remember in March 2020, I realized that I’m not getting what I want from life. There was some sort of problem with my thinking pattern. I used to focus on excuses for not doing something and I always procrastinated for my goals. The things didn’t stop here as I was getting attracted to negativity easily.


I felt isolated, aimless, and what-to-do-with-life all the time. It was a real issue. But one day, a miracle happened! I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and found this amazing video (somewhere in May 2020):

After watching this video, I was feeling happy. I was feeling blessed to be alive, to feel my emotions, to think creatively and to share my knowledge. This is where it all started to fit into its place.

I decided that I’ve got the power of choice and I will create what I always wanted to. So, I started reading about several articles, e-books and tips on a productive lifestyle. That’s how I came to know about the impact of good morning routines on your life.

I created one for myself… *boom!!!

You won’t believe what happened! This morning routine strategy completely changed my life. Here’re what I achieved after 30 days of following my morning routine:

  • I feel 101% Productive all the time.
  • Already focusing on Giving rather than Expecting.
  • I sorted out with my dream of running a successful blog.
  • I planned and launched my blog within 30 days of creating content and branding. (P.S. – If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide to start a money making blog, consider checking my how to start a blog for beginners guide with secret launch tips).
  • I’m working on my Book, already launched a digital product and constantly creating amazing content.
  • I even got the opportunity of doing freelance designing, writing sponsored reviews and getting finances on the track.

Just look at my performance. That’s why I believe that a good morning routine and mindset can turn things upside down. Making a simple morning routine is easy but the hard part is to stay consistent on it. Let’s take a look at the basics but you can skip this part if you already know what we are going to do.

What is Morning Routine?

A Morning Routine is a repetitive set of activities that you perform in the morning before starting your day’s main actions. It can be as small as drinking a glass of water, making your bed, or as creative as writing 1000 words or doing yoga. It helps you in performing extra and better than an average human.

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning you ‘ll start to see a big difference in your life.”

Yoko Ono

Let’s take a look at my morning routine. It is simple to follow yet powerful enough to boost my day:

Example of Strong Morning Routine for Productive Lifestyle

Here’s the breakdown of the above morning routine into simple tasks –

Detailed Breakdown of My Morning Routine!

Waking Up at 4:30 AM – It’s simple and straight forward. Set an alarm and wake up from sleep like an early bird. It motivates you to rise and plan your day when more than half a population of your country is still sleeping. You dream, wake up and achieve it!

Stretching + Yoga (15 Mins) – That’s where a healthy morning routine starts. Do not touch your smartphone. Get up from the bed and go to your favorite place (in your garden or balcony) and perform basic body stretching and movements to increase blood flow.

Coffee + Affirmations – This step is my key to set a productive day. I’m a blogger which means I love writing about everything. So, I make a coffee (You can have your own modified step like a protein shake, tea, lemon honey water, etc.), and meanwhile making it, I listen to positive affirmations. I usually watch a YouTube Video or wing onto Spotify for my daily dose. Even a motivation song (or music) can make it possible!

Write 500 words – This is my daily task and job as a blogger. In order to serve you with helpful content on this blog, I write daily. My minimum goal is to write 500 words/day and it can go up to no limit. (I wrote 13,000 words in two days – that’s my biggest streak!)

Checking Notifications – Here comes my reward part. Being a techie, I cannot resist myself scrolling my phone. But I’ve made a commitment to use it only after achieving my Hustle Part (writing 500 words) in my morning routine. I check important notifications like Business Emails, Important Chat Messages, and Daily Blog Trackings.

As you can see in my morning routine as a blogger, I blend the tasks of passion, health and recreation together. With this simple formula, I’m achieving a productive morning without being harsh on myself. That’s how things work!

Mind Getting a Golden Key to Success?

We’re just there to make your customized morning routine but you know what? I wanna share a little story that inspires me every time.

Once upon a time, there were two farmer brothers. They both had equal fields and animals. Over some time, they grew their wealth but the elder farmer became richer than the younger one. When people asked him the secret, he replied, “Every morning, I always see a golden key placed over my farming tools. I use that key to make extra income than my brother.”

Morning Routine is Golden Key for Success

The village people were in shock and didn’t believe on such magic. But his wealth was real. Next morning, the whole village went to the rich farmers house. But they found that he’d already left. On the same day, when they met him again, they asked, “We were at your house at 7 am. You seems like an early bird. When did you wake up?”

“I wake up at 5 am. Because if I get late, the golden key vanishes into thin air. I don’t want to lose it. So, I’ve trained myself to wake up at 5 am every morning.” the rich farmer smiled. Next day, the whole village went at his house at 3 am. They found him sleeping and searched for his tools. When they found his tools, they saw a bunch of metal tools for farming and a ragged cloth. No golden key!

They hid behind the trees and watched the rich farmer waking up at 5 am and taking bath. He came near the tools and grabbed the cloth. Placed it on ground, completed his meditation and went back to tools. They watched him smiling at tools and going for work. No golden key!

“You’re a fraud. You fooled us with your golden key story. There was no golden key!” one of the villagers shouted while meeting him. The rich farmer smiled and said, “It was right in front of you and how you can skip it. The golden key was my mindset. Every morning I wake up long before my work schedule. It gives me a relaxed start. I bath daily to get a fresh start and meditate. I plan my day and farming methods to get the best crops. When I look at my tools, I see them as a new opportunity to get the best for my family.”

“And when I don’t wake up early, I have to rush for work, sometimes without taking bath and I feel tired all day. My golden key doesn’t work on those days.” he added and went where he was heading.

Moral of the Story? To make something special, you just need to believe that it’s special. You need to treat it like something special and you need to work for it like you’re doing something special. That’s how you perform better than others with the same resources.

Six Fundamental Steps to build Productive Morning Routines!

Finally, we’re here to set your personalized morning routine for a happy lifestyle. After reading tons of articles and books on productive lifestyle, I’ve made my own strategies to build strong morning routines. Let’s begin…

What is Your North Star?

Focus on your Goals illustration

Back in good old pirate days, ships sailed for days and nights without using GPS technology and still reached their destination on time; every time! Why?

Because they always kept their eye on North Star. It had always guided them to their destination. So, my question is, “What is that one thing which you want to do/achieve/have before you die?”

That’s your North Star. Always remember it. As an example, for somebody, a North Star can be something like ‘Becoming New York Times Best Selling Author’ once in a lifetime. So, your daily morning routine will be customized according to your north star.

90 Days Hustle Reward!

Bloggerable writing illustration

Now, in order to achieve our north star, we will make a 90 Days Hustle Routine. For the above example, it could be like ‘write 2 chapters per week‘, or ‘write a book in 30 days‘.

We will repeat this hustle for 90 days streak. I know that it seems longer than expected but always remember, good things take time! To celebrate the completion of your 90 Days morning routine habit, give yourself a reward. It could be anything – a movie trip, a party with your best friend, etc.


You do not need to worry. Once we have our 90 Days Hustle set, we will work on next step…

Break it to Make it!

Break Goals to Achieve Better

After setting our 90 days goal, it’s time to break it into a daily habit. It requires simple math.

Let’s say you want to write a book in your morning routine, then divide book length (40,000 words – fiction novel) by 30 and you’ll have your daily goal – 1334 words/day.

I always keep a balance of approach-ability and support with my daily goals. For the above example, writing 1300 words in one hour is difficult for some people. You can break it into two sessions like 800 in the morning and 500 after dinner. That’s how we get success, small efforts – every single day!

Add Fillers + AMTR Formula!

Achieve your goals

This is my personal tip to all the morning routine planners out there. The real reason why people quit working for something is the difficulty and pain in it. I won’t shout on you like a hardcore motivational speaker like ‘Pain is gain’, or ‘Do this work or go home!’ that doesn’t really work.

But what I always prefer is achieving your goals by making friends with your brain. Everybody has something to kill their time when they get stressed in life. For some people, it could be window shopping or scrolling through your Instagram’s meme pages. And for some people it could be playing online games with their friends.

I don’t see them as time-wasters. In fact, these activities are time-refresher. It’s just like rebooting your computer to make it faster for work load.

Also use the AMTR formula. It’s pretty self explanatory:

  • Affirm Positive
  • Make Your Mindset
  • Task Execution
  • Reward Achieved

So, by all the means, I suggest you to add these fillers in between your morning routine drills. For example, write 800 words and you are free to play PUBG with your friends. Or do 50 Push-ups, morning routine yoga and give yourself a chance to scroll your Pinterest DIY ideas in between.

That’s how we keep moving forward every day in life, right?

Become Ninja School Guru!

Know what you are doing

Have you ever seen a Ninja School teacher? He’s hard, strict, and loves discipline. He punishes his students for any disobey. For him, one mistake is equaled to a hundred push-ups with 50kg rock over your back. That’s too much!

As a result? The ninja school produces one of the best Ninja Spies with extra-ordinary skills. You’ve to become teacher of your brain!

I’m not asking you to become hard on yourself, but a little disciplined life can create big changes. You will nourish yourself with discipline, punctuality, and by completing all your priorities before deadlines. I’ve once heard someone saying on a YouTube video, “If you’ve made commitments with yourself, then respect yourself by completing them!”

By the way, I’m also gonna share some amazing morning routine tips that helped me to achieve this 30 days transformation

5 Boost Ups to Start your Morning ➜

Though, your morning routine can be personalized and totally different from mine but there are few tips which can boost you instantly. With these amazing morning routine tips, you can achieve better results. It’ll help you in maintaining high consistency levels.

Morning Routine Starts At Night!

If someone asks me, what is the best time to start a morning routine? I’ll say ‘A NIGHT BEFORE‘…

How to get Productive with Morning Routine

It’s human tendency to predict irrelevant future but with our lifestyle experiences or jobs, we can predict the next day’s task. That’s what I always do. Before I go to sleep, I always prepare some basic morning routine tasks. Sometimes, I write it but most of the times, it’s a mental self talk for five minutes. Try it yourself!

Have 26 Hours a Day!

It’s an old proverb that everyone has 24 hours a day. I don’t believe this myth. Technically, we cannot have more than 24 hours a day but logically, we can have. Here’s how:

Suppose, you sleep from 11 – 7 am and it’s an 8 hour sleep. But you were not (in average cases) doing any productive task at 10 – 11 pm. Instead of wasting one hour in night, sleep from 10 pm to 5 am. With this simple trick, you can wake up two hours earlier. Perform your morning routine practices and a nap of 10 – 30 minutes in day time.

Do You Eat Poison Everyday?

Bloggerable Mind Self Help Illustration

Okay! Let’s discuss it on serious note. If I challenge you to build a hulk body in one year (I will give you free gym subscription and world’s best fitness trainer) but the catch is you can only eat junk food, will you be able to accomplish it?

Do you have guts to build a body with only junk food? No, right?

Then why do you eat poison for your brain? Can you be on a path of self realization by watching late night negative news or just gossiping here and there?

Only you’re responsible for yourself. I repeat only you’re! If you want to live happily, work with creativity, or just any big life achievement, then you’ve to get up from your habit of taking negative news or thoughts. Invest in good books, invest your time on good videos, discuss ideas with people and do what makes you learn new things in a positive aspect. Work for yourself, because no one will do!

Water Your Body!

You believe it or not, Water has a lot of role to play when we talk about human development. Not for your physical needs, but water also helps in regulating healthy hormones, well hydrated and makes you feel fresh all the time. Add this mini task of drinking water in morning routine to experience refreshing mornings every day.

My pro tip for you is to get a water bottle along with you everywhere. Sip it, repeat it!

Track Your Goals! (Must)

Blogging Tips Bloggerable

It’s the rule of nature. When you focus on something, it grows. That’s why you should always track your progress towards achieving your goals. I use this method to see if I’m working on the path or if I’m getting slower than the actual need. Tracking your goals makes it a practical approach to productivity.

I use Trello to maintain the list of my tasks and things to do. And for goal planning, I use Higher GoalsAndroid | IOS. It is the best goal tracking app so far. And it has everything to set strong goals to get the most out of your life.

Are you Ready?

It was a long post, wasn’t it? And I’m quite sure that today you’ve learned the value of having a productive mindset. This morning routine guide has covered everything which works for me. I hope it will work for you too! If you love this post, you’ll also love my Self Help and Productivity Tips archives. It has awesome content for you.

Now, it’s your time to set a morning routine and get up early every morning to work for your dreams.

Good Luck!

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