Powerful Pinterest Strategies For High Blog Traffic in 2020!

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Using Pinterest for Blogging becomes easy when you’re working with foolproof Powerful Pinterest Strategies for Bloggers. Pinterest is the best social media platform to get blog traffic fast.

With the changes in the algorithm of Pinterest, the competition of getting traffic has become a debate for the bloggers.

First thing first, you are reading a part of my free Pinterest Marketing course blog series. Feel free to navigate anytime.

When you start a money making blog, you start from the scratch. It becomes really difficult to get huge blog traffic in the Beginning.

As SEO takes up to 35 weeks to send real steady traffic, Pinterest remains the number one Blog Traffic booster.

For some famous bloggers…

Pinterest Strategies by Bloggerable

Pinterest is the main source of Blog traffic. Many niches like Fashion, Health, DIY, and Self Help are doing great on Pinterest. So, it’s like a secret goldmine for traffic!

Now, let’s talk about the value of Right Pinterest Strategies for your Online Blog and Biz.

Why Pinterest Strategies Are Important?

Powerful Pinterest Strategies by Bloggerable

Pinterest strategies are great ways to manage and organise your Pinterest marketing to get the best out of the platform. These strategies are designed in a way to give you high blog traffic, even when your site is new.

These strategies are observed and analyzed after practicing the platform for several months. I have been observing Pinterest and famous Pinterest Marketers for a few years.

So, I have compiled a list of practical actions that you can copy to get the same amount of traffic on your blogging website.

Let’s begin with…

PART 1: Fantastic Group Boards And Where To Find Them?

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest has a unique feature where you can join or invite several Pinterest users to contribute in one Board. That’s called a Group Board.

In the beginning, you don’t have followers and you really need those first eyes on your fresh content.

So, Group Boards can be fun. Here’s a simple trick to…


Let me be honest with you. No matter how good your content is, you’ll always end up getting empty pockets if you don’t have a good amount of traffic on your blog.

That’s what happens with all the bloggers. They feel the urge to create quality pins and they give no space for perfection. But they forget the thumb rule of proper marketing.

So, you need your own reader base. When you start using Pinterest for blogging traffic, try to add your pins in Group Boards.

They are perfect for getting new followers. Let’s see how to find active group boards for Pinterest…


To find your perfect group board, let’s walk to the secret cave market of Group Boards. And it’s none other than…


Pingroupie Results by Bloggerable

Yup! With Pingroupie, you can find dozens of Group Boards in your relevant niche. You can follow the steps to get it work for you:

Step 1: Go to Pingroupie and search the similar search phrases to your niche.

Step 2: In the results, you’ll see the Group Boards, their engagements, and a bio where you can get the method to become a member.

Pro Tip: You can also filter the results with ‘Join Button‘ on as it will show the boards where you can send a request within Pinterest.

Add as many active Group Boards as you can and it’s time for my favorite tool…

PART 2: How Tailwind Boosts Pinterest Reach?

Tailwind Pinterest Tool by Bloggerable

If you don’t know about Tailwind, then you need to wake up from your dream of becoming the best blogger and start working on it. Tailwind is the best Pinterest and Instagram post scheduling software which uses smart AI-based decisions to post your content at the best time for your targeted audience.

There are many Blogging Success Stories where Tailwind has become the life saving tool for faster blog traffic.

Meanwhile, the traditional SEO takes up to 8 months to show some traffic on your site. So, you can use Tailwind for your traffic load and get viral on the Internet.

Here are some of the best features of Tailwind. These are like action pack tools for ultimate Pinterest Marketing.


Suppose, you have 50 Pinterest Pin Images in a folder. How much time will it take to publish them all?

2-3 Hours, if you don’t take a break!

Tailwind Features Review by Bloggerable

With Tailwind?

Just 10-15 mins. I’ve done it several times…

The moral of the story? Tailwind has a smart bulk publishing dashboard where you can publish and schedule pins for a week in just 30 mins. That’s it, no loopholes.

Another superb feature of Tailwind is…


Pinterest is all about publishing the right pins at the right time. And when you have Tailwind, it becomes super easy.

Tailwind has a huge database of Pinterest users and how they are responding to the content. It has an AI technology for choosing the best time to publish your pins.

You can simply add your personal time slots or you can have suggestions from Tailwind for the time slots when your pins get the highest interaction.

That’s why I personally recommend this super amazing tool. And the best part is…


Tailwind Tribes by Bloggerable

Tailwind Tribes are the number one reason why bloggers prefer Tailwind over anything. What is the ultimate version of a highly active Pinterest group?

It’s a Tailwind Tribe. These tribes have bloggers with common interests who are supporting each other to grow along. When it is difficult for you to find a group board with high conversion rates, these tribes can be used to get an initial boost.

Let’s see…

How to Find Perfect Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes Features Review by Bloggerable

Step 1: Go to your Tailwind Dashboard. In the left side panel, click on the Tribes.

Step 2: Click on ‘Find Tribe’ from the Tab and search for the relevant names. You can also explore them via categories.

Step 3: Join the Tribe and read their rules. For some tribes, you need to have minimum followers criteria. Complete that if getting into the tribe is worth putting your efforts.

Get in the community, be with other bloggers. Reshare their pins and stay with Tribe Rules to get most out of it.

Tired of Pinterest Schedule? Look at the automated system of Tailwind…


With the new update, Tailwind has come up with a new feature called SmartLoops. This is a fully automated system where your selective pins are circulated among your boards in a random and well-calculated manner.

It is best for promoting your main (high conversion) content among Pinterest users. To start a SmartLoop system, simply go to Publish Section.

Create a New SmartLoop and follow along the self explanatory process. All it will take is 5mins. Make it happen!

Don’t wait! Get your Tailwind Subscription with my link to get $15 OFF + PERFECT PINTEREST MARKETING TEMPLATE for Free!

PART 3: Manual Pinning – Is It Effective?

Pinterest Pin Description by Bloggerable

If you come across some of the blog posts on Pinterest Marketing, you will find that bloggers are talking about manual pinning methods.

Does that really work?

Yes. Manual pinning can affect your statistics and engagement level on Pinterest. Let’s find out how…


Emotional Hammer Pins Example by Bloggerable

Just like other social media platforms, the motto of Pinterest is to serve people as a social media platform where users can spend their time virtually.

Pinterest is partial towards the user who is performing up to the criteria of an active contributor to the community. In simple words, if you spend more time on Pinterest, your chances of getting viral pins will be higher.

I have also observed a spike in Pinterest Analytics whenever I posted something manually.

So, it works!


As we know that manual paining is a great strategy for Pinterest marketing, the question arises…

How to balance Manual Pinning and Tailwind?

The answer is pretty simple. In the beginning, you have to focus on creating your blog as an authority by publishing consistent content. This is the reason that you will not have enough time for Pinterest.

Viral Pinterest Pin Analytics Example

So, you can use Tailwind for the first five months without pinning manually on Pinterest. Once your blogging routine changes towards less content and more promotions, then you can focus on pinning manually on Pinterest as a blogger.

You can maintain a ratio of 40:60 with Manual Pinning and Tailwind. It can help you to get your work done easily.

In a day, if you’re Publishing 10 Pins then make it like:

4 Manual Pins

6 Tailwind Scheduled Pins

One of the best reasons for using the manual pinning option is because…


Unlike Tailwind, Pinterest has an inbuilt option for scheduling your pin on a particular time and date.

You can target the time zone of your user base with help of Pinterest scheduling.

As it is an inbuilt feature, you spend zero money on it. Though it’s time-consuming it can be a great solution if you cannot afford Tailwind right now

Everything is ready, it’s time to set some goals…

PART 4: Pinterest Marketing Goals For Bloggers!

Pinterest Marketing Template PNG

I’m not going to leave you halfway. In other Pinterest courses, they teach you how to execute a proper Pinterest marketing.

For sure, they share all their secrets but they don’t tell you the minimum criteria to become famous on Pinterest.

Here are some goals which I am sitting for you to work for…


Viral Pinterest Pin Format by Bloggerable

This is one of the most important aspects of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Publishing the right amount of Pins can create a great impact on your Blog Traffic.

The minimum number which can work like magic for you is 50 Pinterest Pins per Week. You will make 7-8 Pins a day and it’s easy for anybody. It hardly takes less than 1 hour to make these pins and another 30 Minutes to schedule them manually on Pinterest.

5 mins with Tailwind within Active Tribe Members!

In my PERFECT PINTEREST MARKETING TEMPLATE, you can get a step by step formula for the right number of Pins and when to increase your goals. You can get it for FREE + Tailwind from my link for $15 OFF on your subscription. Hurry Up!

Let’s move forward to…


I want to make it as simple as possible for you. Group Boards are good when you are starting on Pinterest.

As a New Pinterest Marketer, you’ll have Zero Followers and Zero Pins. So, Group Boards are your ultimate solution for finding your first targeted audience on Pinterest.

Group Boards Goal?

Well, the target number is 50. Try to become a member of a Group Board with a minimum of 5K followers. With 50 Group Boards, you can have an estimated reach of 250,000 users on Pinterest.

Chances are, the numbers can be less for you but they are always better then Zero Followers.

And by Followers, I just remember that it’s time for setting…


Start Pinterest for Bloggers by Bloggerable

Do Pinterest followers matter? Yes, a lot. The algorithm of Pinterest is slightly partial towards the Pinterest Business Account with a high number of followers.

The question is…

How do you get followers on Pinterest?

There are many factors that can attract followers on Pinterest. Some of them are:

  • Creating Consistent Content
  • Proper Profile Branding on Pinterest
  • Building Group Boards
  • Giving Quality Content

And it’s to set Pinterest Followers Goals…

Try to get a minimum of 20% New Followers every month. It may sound very low but getting followers on Pinterest is hard in the beginning.


The Engagement Rate of Pinterest Pin is the CTR (click-through rate) or STR (save through rate) numbers. When you opt for a Pinterest Business Account, you’re introduced to Pinterest Analytics.

Plus, on each Pin, you get its performance report. You’ve to focus on the figures as they tell you a lot about how users on Pinterest are accepting your content.

It’s simple.

I always play with the 5% Conversion Rule. In any online business, the chances of getting results out of total is 5% on average.

Same implies with Pinterest as well. The simple formula is…

(Engagement/Impressions) × 100 = Conversion Value

If it is around 5%, then you are performing really well. But, anything below is the bad signal for your strategy.

I’m not saying that every Pinterest Pin has to perform for the high engagements. It cannot always be.


More than half of your content should perform as per the goals.

Organic Traffic Stats Illustration

Results of 5% Pinterest Engagement Rule?

This is what you can expect from your Pinterest Goals. If you are publishing a minimum of 50 Pins a week with an Average impression of 500 per pin. Then…

50 × 4 weeks = 200 Pins a Month

200 Pins × 500 Impressions = 100,000 Monthly Views

100,000 × 5% = 5000 Engagements.

Note: This is just the base as your performance will increase with the addition of New Pins and Old Pins every month. You can also expect Pinterest Viral Pins in between.

You can increase and decrease your Pinterest Goals. And that’s a wrap!


Finally, we’ve made it to the end of this Pinterest Marketing blog course series. These are the strategies that I’m using to grow my blogging presence on Pinterest.

If you’re looking for a sure way to use Pinterest for Blogging Career then these simple and easy Pinterest tips are going to help you a lot.

When you’ll perform these activities on a regular basis, Pinterest will help you to grow as a blogger. I’ve poured out everything that I’ve learned from various paid Pinterest courses.

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Good Luck,

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