5 Premium WordPress Themes for Ultimate Blog Growth (Don’t Miss!)

Premium WordPress Themes by Bloggerable

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Did you start a blog? Great!

You’re getting steady traffic on it, right? That’s even better!

Are you using a Premium WordPress Theme? Wha… What’s wrong with you?

Okay, I’m not going to force you to look at these Premium WordPress Themes but I think, you should consider using one of them for your blogging business. Selecting a good premium WordPress theme is difficult when there are tons of options out there.

For some people, performance matters at any cost while others look for a visually impressive design of their website. But… what if you get a combination of Blazing fast WordPress site experience and Jaw-dropping looks for your WordPress blog? Look at these 5 Premium WordPress Themes that I’ve selected after several rounds of tests.

These WordPress themes can improve the overall looks and performance of your blogging website. You can try any of these with a money-back guarantee that can be found on their particular sites.

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These multi-purpose themes are versatile WordPress templates that are perfect to create nearly any form of WordPress blog or website where your imagination is the only barrier.


Before you head over to the list of Premium WordPress Themes, I want you to focus on the benefits of using a premium version of any WordPress theme.

Why Premium WordPress Themes Matter?

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No doubt which kind of blog or website you have, it is always a plus point to have the best features from any theme to utilize the power of your blog with full potential. Investing in your blogging business ensures that you’re fully serious about it and you are eager to earn more from your blogging career.

Meanwhile, buying a premium theme seems like an underrated activity but it has a great impact on your blogging experience. Here are the top 3 benefits of having a premium WordPress theme for your blog:

Premium Features: Installing a free version of any WordPress theme means that you are using the features that everybody is using. In order to stand out on the Internet, you should definitely use premium features.

White Label Enhancement: White Label means the theme is completely yours and you can remove all the branding of theme developer from your site. This will remove any kind of backlink to them and you can rename it to your blog’s property for better SEO and Authority.

Premium Support: When you buy these premium WordPress themes from their official owners, you get premium technical support by the developers of the theme. This can help you in implementing custom widgets and codes made out exclusively for your blogging website.

So, don’t waste your time in thinking while your competitive blogs are already using one of these premium themes.

Best WordPress Themes For Blog Growth ➜

I’ve filtered this list to the best 5 premium WordPress themes for any kind of WordPress site. No doubt, you can find other themes doing good for you but these are the themes that have the biggest modification panel to customize it according to your brand. You can check other themes at marketplaces like Themeforest and Themify for the most suitable theme and looks for your blogging business.

Let’s get to the list…


Astra Theme Review Bloggerable

Astra is the god of themes for me. It is the quickest loading WordPress multi-purpose theme that you can use to build any kind of WordPress blog. Whether or not it’s a weblog, an enterprise web site, an eCommerce retailer, etc. all the pieces might be designed and constructed properly with Astra. It is one of those premium WordPress themes where you just need to edit it once and everything is sorted out for a lifetime.

The free Astra theme comes with all the necessary options you should construct an internet site. These can additionally be enhanced utilizing the Astra Pro addon plugin that unlocks many extra choices like colors and typography, layouts, fashionable headers, etc. into the customizer, supplying you with much more freedom to customize all the pieces within seconds.

It also comes with premade templates and is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder.


Avada Theme Review by Bloggerable

If you think that it’s just one of those premium WordPress themes, then you are wrong. Avada is the best theme out there and you are going to love the features it delivers to your blogging experience. Avada is a theme + page builder + drag and drop element editor. Yes, it comes with so much that you will take a week to go through everything.

Avada is a multipurpose theme and you can customize this theme into anything. The best part is, you’ll get the drag and drop Fusion Builder with it free of cost. It has built-in panels to edit every single part of your websites like customized headers and footer sections. It is 100% SEO friendly and you can make anything out of it. When you get Avada, it also adds up with 6 months of technical support. With over 628,000 happy users, Avada is the most loved and easy to use WordPress theme for your blogging website.


X Theme review by Bloggerable

This is the cheapest premium theme with the best price to value ratio on this list. The X theme is highly popular among many Six-Figure bloggers and it costs you just $29. Yeah, at this price, not only you get this theme but developers support to abide by any technical issue. The developers of this theme have beautifully showcased the elements of this theme. You also get access to Design Cloud where you can find tons of premade elements that you can use right into your web design.

Apart from that, this theme also comes with 6 months of developer support to back you up with any kind of glitch during the setup of this theme. Meanwhile, you can visit their site to check the live preview of the elements that you will get inside the X Theme. It is a straightforward theme with a builder to set everything for you. Note that for any premium WordPress themes from the Themeforest, you’ve to renew the developer support if you want. Otherwise, you can get everything on the Internet.

It’s 100% SEO ready structure and impressive looks makes it one of the best premium WordPress themes of all time.


Genesis Framework Review by Bloggerable

Let me be very clear in the beginning that Genesis is not your next-door WordPress theme. It is for intermediate to advance bloggers who know the details and coding with help of HTML and CSS. As the name says, it’s a framework on which you can create your personalized branding for your online business.

But… you cannot ignore its significance in the WordPress community. It is the fastest WordPress theme along with Astra. Though the pro version is available on their portal you can get it for free with WP Engine’s Premium Web Hosting (that I don’t recommend at all).

Mind that, Genesis framework can supercharge your WordPress experience but you’ve to invest some time and effort in order to make it look impressive for your niche website.


Divi Review by bloggerable

Divi is the solution if you just want to focus on the content creation part. As it comes with drag and drop modules, you can paint out anything out of it for your readers. To make it easy for anybody, they provide a set of pre-made layouts that you can easily customize according to your preference.

And even if you don’t like their demo pages, you can start from the zero with an empty template. You can bring out a fully customized look for your WordPress website. The best part is the responsiveness of the Divi website builder.

All their premade templates or custom templates (that you’ll make) are mobile-friendly and adjusts themselves according to the screen size and ratio. You can even create custom landing pages with help of the Divi website builder theme.

Ah! we are finally here. Let’s discuss what I have to say on these themes…

Final Thoughts on Premium WordPress Themes

And here comes an end to your list of Best Premium WordPress Themes that you can use right now. These are worth every penny and you’ll thank me later for recommending these to you.

What do I use on this blog?

I use Astra as it is simple, fast and easy to use. I’ve also tweaked some of the CSS to customize it better. Thank you!

I feel relaxed when I share something that can help my readers in one or another way. And I can proudly say that by using any of these premium WordPress themes, you will make your readers wonder with impressive blog designs and performance tweaks. If you think that I missed a deserving theme, then comment below and I’ll add it to the list after performing all the tests. Let’s see if your suggestion makes it to the top list.

It’s time for you to read something else. Share this post with someone who is looking for the information. Keep reading good stuff!

Good Luck,

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