How to Set Goals and Achieve them 100% Every Time!

How to Set Goals and Achieve them by Bloggerable

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Studies show that you can achieve 100% of your goals if you’ve got a strong determination. I’ve seen people procrastinating all the time. It’s your goal, why don’t you set it? In this practical approach to ‘How to Set your Goals and Achieve them‘, I’ll show you the best method to set your goals and get the most out of life. It’s damn easy if you are approaching your goals in the right way.

Setting Goals is the First Step in Turning the Invisible into the Visible.

tony Robbins

I believe that achieving goals is not a big deal. It’s the followup to the mental path laid down by our mind. The more important thing than achieving your goals is ‘Setting Right Goals‘ and giving a vision to yourself. Without proper planning and a vision, you won’t be able to track your progress. You won’t be able to see a bigger picture of your life.

It’s a sad fact that more than half a population lives an aimless life. People have got so busy with the daily struggles that they cannot even track where they are taking their lives. Someone is busy picking files for his boss the whole life that he forgets to rethink about his own life.

I don’t want to feel like an unguided person. You can set your goals, even achieve them before deadlines. But, my question is…

Do you really want to achieve your goals? Do you believe that achieving this goal can transform your life into a new wonder?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you can jump to How to Set your Goals. And if you really think that you need to redefine your thinking pattern about Goal Setting and Achieving Dreams in Life, then you should must read this…

Why You Need To Set Strong Goals?

This is where most people are lacking in. The world think that ‘Life is a Race‘. What happens when you reach the finish line? You Die!

If you ask me about how I see my life, I’ll always give you one single statement:

I don’t want to regret at the age of 80. I want to do what my heart says. And I trust my heart!

That’s how I see myself growing every day. And if you’re thinking that you ‘have’ enough time…

8 Box Time Trick!

Let me share a simple trick (that I learned from The Psychology of Success – Amazon Link) with you. Take a pen and paper and draw 8 boxes like the image below. Each box represents 10 years of your life. Now shade the boxes which you’ve already lived (e.g. – If you’re 30, shade 3 boxes).

Time management 8 Box Trick

Now shade of a third of the remainder. That’s your sleep time. Pretty less, right?

And it’s time to shade 50% of the remainder (because you will eat, talk to friends and family, travel, do other household works and fall ill).

Great, you’re left with the time that you can use to either BUILD your life or LIVE LIKE A NO-BODY ON EARTH. Do you realize how important it is to set goals to achieve more? Don’t you think there’s less time left to make something out of your life? Well, my intention is not to scare you. But I don’t want you to keep sleeping. You’ve to wake up for your dreams, for your family, for your society, and for yourself.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them 100%

Whenever you get time (even 5 minutes), ask yourself – Do I have to do what I’m doing right now? Does it make any difference in a positive way?

You will get your answer. I don’t want to force you for writing goals and completing your goals and tasks on time. It’s your life. I might not even know the name of the person reading this. But what I know is that we all have got one life. I have one, and you have one. Let’s achieve more together. Break the norms of being the average and do something extra-ordinary. Let’s just set up a passive income funnel or build a strong morning routine habit.

It’s on you…

How to Set Goals Practically?

Great! So, you’ve finally made a strong mind to achieve the best in your life. That’s your first step into a better life. Now, we will learn the best method to set strong goals in life. What you’ll get here is a standard goal-setting technique that you can use to achieve everything in life like earning a certain income or traveling the world with your partner.

Try this goal setting method, use it within your planning and see amazing results…

Set Your Goal Target!

Set Your Goals Better with Bloggerable

First of all, you need to pause and think for a cause. What do you want to achieve in life? Is it fame? Good Health? Money? Impact? Just close your eyes and try to imagine yourself as 20 years later.

  • Where do you live?
  • How do you look?
  • Which car do you drive?
  • How many countries have you visited?
  • Which profession is building you day by day?

Make a list of all the things and connect those dots into one. Now that’s your target for life. Once you have your goal target ready, it’s time to…

Find Your North Star Goal!

If you haven’t read my morning routine to transform your life in 30 days post, then you’re missing the secret of getting more from life. In that post, I talked about finding your north star to get yourself aligned all the time.

Focus on your Goals illustration

Ever wonder how pirates were able to find their treasure in those old days without GPS technology? They use North Star!

Using North Star is a simple concept of having a long term single objective that can help in getting your dream life. It could be a certain type of Income threshold or a World Map with the countries you want to visit. It could be as simple as you imagining yourself with your accomplished goal.

Break It – Achieve It!

Now, when you will set your main goal (north star), it is time for us to break into several sub-goals. A simple example can be – For running a 10 Kilometer Race, try to break it into different smaller milestones like 1KM and then 3KM, and so on…

And you also have to make surrounding goals ready. The surrounding goals are interconnected goals that help to achieve your main goal. In this case, the surrounding goals can be eating 2000+ calories a day, having 8-hour sleep, performing morning exercise to warm up your body, and other things which you are thinking about right now.

Make It Visible!

Goal Setting Example by Bloggerable
A screenshot from Goal Setting Tab of ClickUp Tool. See review below!

This is the most important thing to do if you really want to achieve your goals. If it is still in your mind, then it is a dream. To make it a goal, you have to give it a physical form. You can write it on a paper with a deadline or you can use the below-suggested apps to track them easily.

You can even make a vision board for your goals. A vision board is a visual board for all the goals that you want to achieve. Hang the vision board somewhere in your room. Just make sure that it is fully visible and grabs your attention.

Studies shows that when you see images of your goals, you subconscious brain activates towards achieving your goals faster.

Our goal setup is completed and now, I’ll show you…

How to Successfully Achieve your Goals Better?

Setting the right goals in your life makes 40% of it, and the left 60% is accomplished by putting daily efforts.

These are the tips that I personally prefer to keep myself on the track, even on those tough days when I don’t want to get up from the bed.

You just need to change your perspective slightly towards the end results. And here comes the things which I keep repeating to myself every day.

Mind Your Goal!

Know what you are doing

The only one thing which makes you different from others is your mindset. Your mind creates your identity and your life.

Everything around you like your profession, your relations, your hobbies, and even your help is originated buy the functionality of thinking patterns created by your mind.

But, the question is…

What controls your mind?

I won’t make you loop around the stories, the straightforward answer to this question is – Your Mental Diet.

Just like your body reacts to the junk food by gaining weight, your mind also reacts to the information it takes.

In simple words, if you read good, talk good, and be with good people, only then you can see good, create good, and transform everything into a positive masterpiece.

You can try different habits like:

  • Morning affirmations
  • Making and maintaining a vision board
  • Reading 20 minutes a day
  • Following a healthy morning routine
  • Spending time with the mentor
  • Finding a motivational hobby.

The possibilities are unlimited, just remap your life and see what you can do to make it better.

Desire for Goals!

Bloggerable Productivity

One of the recent studies on human psychology states the number one reason for procrastinating your goals is your emotional behavior.

When you see a bigger perspective in your life, only then you develop a desire to achieve your dreams. And that particular desire should be strong enough to hold your back whenever you feel demotivated towards the work.

Make your desire strong enough to help you motivate you through the tough times.

Adjust your life around it and work for a cause.

That’s how you stay on track. Everything starts with your mind and ends there only.

Don’t Compare!

Achieve your goals

This is where you let yourself losing the game. You set a goal and then you compare yourself with someone who has mastered that skill, even before you planned to learn it.

For example, you set a goal of running 10km a day, and then you compare with your best friend who is running 20km or 30km a day. You are definitely going to lose.

Do not compare yourself with others. Instead, just try to improve every day. That’s why I already mentioned ‘tracking your goals‘ to get an idea of your growth over time.

Competition is just a state of mind which we develop under the pressure of society or the traditional belief system.

If we get rid of the competition from my life, then we can adapt to the path of growth.

One Step Daily!

Break Goals to Achieve Better

It is as simple as that. People try to chase everything under 24 hours but that doesn’t work at all.

Good things take time to build. The Eiffel Tower was not made in a day, neither your life goals. The ones who are claiming for overnight success are lying to you.

And the ones who get overnight success cannot hold it for long. So, if you try to put an effort to walk one step closer to your goal a day, that’s enough!

I repeat, it is OK to do small talk a day rather than aiming for a big pile of work and achieve nothing.

Make a small minimum milestone which is easily achievable and can be easily fit into your daily routine. I have allotted 30 minutes a day for myself. If I’m giving 30 minutes towards my dream, then I see myself focused and on the track to develop my life the way I want.

Recommended Tools for Goal Setting Smartly

Did I tell you that tracking your goals and tasks can increase your productivity by 200 times? Well, it is a proven fact by research, if you track down all your goals into one place and see them on a daily basis, you can have a better perspective towards your professional life.

Here are the promising apps which I personally use to manage my blogging business like a pro. You should use these too…

ClickUp – The Best Tool!

ClickUp Review by Bloggerable

This is a must-have tool for anyone. With ClickUp, you can manage all sorts of tasks, no matter personal or professional. ClickUp is a smart tool where you can organize all your tasks, objectives, and goals. It is completely free to sign up and you will get tons of awesome features.

This one single app can replace all other tools, all you need is to learn the curves. With ClickUp, you can have unlimited possibilities. Here are some of the amazing features of ClickUp:

  • It is used by major brands like Google and Nike to manage your tasks.
  • Divide and analyze your work in the timeline, list, calendar, and board view.
  • You can enjoy the task feature and live chat with your team.
  • It comes with 1000+ integrations to boost up your productivity.
  • it has its dedicated smartphone application for Android as well as iPhone.

What else you expect from a task management app? Use ClickUp today!


Example of Strong Morning Routine for Productive Lifestyle

Trello is a simple yet effective task managing tool. You can make different Trello Boards for different aspects of your life. It gives you tons of features like project management, labeling the priorities, group contribution, and much more. Trello is completely free to join and you can upgrade to Trello Gold and have unlimited possibilities.

The above image is how I’ve used Trello to set and Build a strong morning routine as a full-time blogger. It’s handy and also comes in a smartphone application format. Try it and find your space!

Set Your Goals and Achieve Them!

The one thing which I wanted to share at the end of this best guide on goal setting is to make a journal and track your habits. At first, it will look like an extra job to do. But, planning and tracking your day helps you in getting the best results. You can prioritize the works and kill all the distractions in your daily routine.

Just remember that it doesn’t matter if you do not meet the deadlines. All you have to do is giving a minimum of 30 minutes a day to your North Star goal without breaking the loop, even on weekends.

Comment down if you think there’s something which I missed. I would love to get your opinion on How to setting and achieving your goals on time.

Good Luck,

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