How to Set-up Pinterest for Blogging Success in 2020!

Start Pinterest for Bloggers Guide by Bloggerable

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Are you looking for a practical guide to starting your Pinterest Marketing for Blog? Using Pinterest for Blogging seems tougher than you thought?

Don’t worry! In this definitive step-by-step guide on ‘Setting Up Pinterest Business Account for Blog Success‘, I’ll share the secrets that are used by your favorite Pinterest Marketers.

But, first things first…

You’re reading a part of a free course named DEFINITIVE PINTEREST FOR BLOGGERS GUIDE where you’ll get Secrets of Pinterest Success without wasting a penny.

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Start Pinterest Blogging by Bloggerable

Let’s continue our journey to start a traffic loading Pinterest account for your Blog.

PART 1: Get a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Business Account Service by Bloggerable

That’s the basic catch. In order to excel on Pinterest, you need a Pinterest Business Account with a verified blog. It’s the only way to get the best out of this platform.

It’s pretty easy and anyone can start a Pinterest business account. The only difference is that you are going to show your business instead of yourself.

And here, you have two options. You can…


Starting a new Pinterest Business Account is easy. It’s similar to the way you signup on Pinterest.

Create a New Pinterest Business Account for your Blog!

Pinterest will ask you some basic questions. Fill them out the way you want and we will modify them while preparing it for Pinterest SEO.


If you are like those people who do not want multiple accounts, then you can simply convert your personal Pinterest profile into a business account.

Go here – Convert Pinterest Account

Make sure you delete all the pins and boards before going to the next step. It’s important for us to have a clean business account.

I will still recommend you to start a new account. But it’s your choice…

PART 2: Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Claim Your Website on Pinterest by Bloggerable

Claiming your blogging website on Pinterest is really easy. It can help you to get rich pins working for you.

Moreover, a verified blog linked with a Business Pinterest account is preferred by the algorithm of Pinterest marketing.

Here’s what works without getting involved into any confusing coding stuff…


No matter, if you are focusing on Pinterest for your blog traffic or not, Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have tool for your blogging career.

Yoast SEO helps you in ranking faster for your targeted keywords in the search results.


It also helps you to get your social links working smoothly. To install Yoast SEO, just follow the steps…

Yoast SEO for Pinterest Verification

Step 1: Go to your Blog’s WordPress Dashboard. Click on Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Search ‘Yoast SEO’ and click Install. Wait for a few seconds. Once successfully installed, click on ‘Activate’.

Step 3: (Optional) You can take your time if you want to set-up the Yoast SEO plugin. It can be done within 5 minutes.

Once it’s done… let’s get back to Pinterest!


In this step, you will get an HTML code from your Pinterest Business Account. It’s a must-do step for using Pinterest for blogging.

Here’s how to do it easily…

Claim Website Pinterest Meta Code by Bloggerable

Step 1: Visit your Pinterest Business Account Profile and Click on Settings.

Step 2: Select ‘Claim’ from the bar and enter the URL of your blog in the field. Click on Claim.

Step 3: Choose ‘Add html Tag’ and copy the code shown in the pop-up window.



It’s time to paste and verify the meta code. The best part? Yoast SEO provides you a great way to verify your site with Pinterest.

Pinterest Meta Tag Paste Yoast by Bloggerable

Step 1: Go to Yoast SEO > Social > Pinterest. You’ll see a similar box with a field.

Step 2: Paste your Meta Code here and click on ‘Save Changes’.

Step 3: Visit back to Pinterest Profile and click on Verify Code. That’s it.

Sometimes, it takes a bit longer for Pinterest to reflect your claim on your profile. Don’t worry, it’s their job now.

Let’s talk about how to make your Pinterest Profile visible in search results…

PART 3: Best Pinterest Profile SEO for Blogging

Start Pinterest for Bloggers by Bloggerable

Creating and publishing pins on Pinterest for blogging is half the effort if you are not focusing on Pinterest SEO.

This is what makes your favorite Pinterest Marketer famous. All Pinterest professionals can relate when I say that Pinterest is just like a search engine.

In this section, we will explore the SEO possibilities for your Pinterest account.

Let’s begin…


In order to get your target audience, you need to analyze your competition. We will check the content published by your competitive blogs on Pinterest.

It will take less than an hour but it will help you for a lifetime. Dig into the steps and steal the readers of your competition.

How to Get Targeted Keywords on Pinterest?

Competitive Research on Pinterest by Bloggerable

Step 1: Define the purpose of your blog. What is the one topic which you cannot resist talking about. Make a list of similar search phrases. Have, at least, 5 search phrases.

Step 2: Now, search these phrases on Pinterest and choose the best looking pins. Click on the profile of the pin creator. Analyze their content.

Step 3: Look at the keywords that they are using to get high Pinterest engagement. Analyse their Pinterest profile name, their description, their boards, etc.

Step 4: Do this for 2-3 competitive Pinterest Marketers. Filter the best and most common keywords and narrow it down to 10 keywords.

If everything goes right, you will have a list of the keywords with high search volumes.

We will use these keywords to modify your Pinterest profile to make it SEO friendly. It is a kind of a trial-and-error method that you must keep repeating periodically to see the difference in results.


It’s show-time! And by this, I mean it’s time to show Pinterest who you really are and what kind of content you are creating for your readers.

We will create an SEO friendly Pinterest profile by doing a simple keyword stuffing method that you can easily observe on this pinning platform.

Practical Steps for Pinterest SEO:

Pinterest SEO Friendly Profile of Bloggerable

Step 1: Pinterest provides you enough space to add keywords into your profile name. This will help you to get visible on the search results.

Step 2: Do not add any keyword in your username because your username will make the unique URL of your Pinterest profile (

Step 3: Write a compelling bio with 2-3 keywords in it. Explain about your content and give a reason to follow your profile.

Step 4: Do not add the logo of your blog as the display picture. On Pinterest, people read your content because they feel a bond of trust. Use your own photo with a good looking smile.

Our goal is to make our Pinterest profile as good looking as possible. That’s it!

Once you’re ready, it’s time to…


Pinterest Board SEO Example of Bloggerable

The motto of the steps to create a good looking Pinterest profile. You cannot show empty bowls to your customers.

In this step you will create five Pinterest boards with your targeted keywords. Do not narrow down the topic as you’ll save a variety of pins in it.

How to Create an SEO Friendly Pinterest Board?

Pinterest Board Edit SEO by Bloggerable

Step 1: Create a New Board by clicking + icon on your profile. Name it including a Keyword. Choose whatever settings you like.

Step 2: Write a compelling description with Keywords stuffing and Choose the cover image. Just upload your customized Board Cover into the board and Select it (You can make a square board cover in Canva for free!).

Step 3: This step is really hard. Click on Save! **Pun intended or should I say, Pin intended.

Step 4: Add 20 good looking pins in every board and get a total number of 100 pins on your profile.

Yay!!! Now make 4 similar boards like this. Our Pinterest Profile SEO is done and it’s time to get into something technical.

PART 4: Technical Pinterest Codes and Widget

Know what you are doing

A lot of people skip this but if you are focusing on getting the real traffic from Pinterest over time, then you need to play with these codes.

At first, it seems like a difficult tech savvy thing, but don’t worry. It won’t bite you!

The purpose of putting a Pin It Button and Profile Widget is to provide an easy access to your Pinterest profile via your blog.

Follow the steps carefully…


A Pin-It button is a simple hovering button that shows over the images. A reader can easily pin the particular image by clicking it.

It opens a pop-up window of Pinterest. Being one of the effective ways to increase the chances to get shared, this simple hack is best for lifetime results.

You can install it easily…

Pinterest Save Button Tutorial by Bloggerable

Step 1: Visit Pinterest Widget Page and choose Save Button.

Step 2: From the options below, click on ‘Image Hover’. This will activate the button when your cursor will hover any image. Copy the generated HTML Script Code.

Pinterest Header Code Tutorial by Bloggerable

Step 3: Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click Appearance > Theme Editor. Select ‘header.php’ from the panel.

Step 4: Paste your Code just above the </head> section. See image for the reference. It’s simple, don’t panic! Click on Save Changes.

If everything goes right, you will see the Save Button on hovering over images.

Phew… what a technical geek you are. But wait! There’s one more thing to do…


This is another widget that you need on your blogging website for the readers to follow you on Pinterest without leaving your blog.

The idea is to give them a quick way to follow you (or any particular board) and to showcase your pins in one place.

Where can you use Pinterest Widget?

Ideally, Bloggers use a Pinterest widget on the sidebar of their blog. It is the best place to showcase your Pinterest profile along with your blog content.

How to install Pinterest widget on Blog?

Pinterest Profile Widget Tutorial by Bloggerable

Step 1: Go to Pinterest Widget Builder page and click on Profile. Enter your Profile URL (

Step 2: Choose your Size (ideally square is perfect) and you’ll get a widget preview. Copy the html code beneath the preview.

Pinterest Profile Widget by Bloggerable

Step 3: (Open in a New Tab) Login to your Blog’s WordPress Dashboard and choose Appearance > Widgets. Create a ‘Custom HTML’ widget and paste the code inside. Leave the widget name empty or you can write something like ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’. That’s completely up to you.

Step 4: Go back to Pinterest Widget Builder Tab and copy the Pinterest JavaScript code.

Pinterest JavaScript Footer Tutorial by Bloggerable

Step 5: Again, in your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Editor. This time, select ‘footer.php’ file and paste your code just above the </body> section. Look at the image for better understanding.

Step 6: Click on Save Changes and Enjoy your Pinterest Profile Widget in Sidebar.

Now we are finally done!


You’ve successfully set-up your Pinterest Business Account for Blogging. It is ready for you to promote your pins to Pinterest Users.

That’s it for this module and in the next blog post, you’ll…

Learn To Make Pins That Go Viral!

Make Viral Pinterest Pins by Bloggerable

Setting up your Pinterest Business Account for Blog Traffic is equivalent to creating a strong foundation. Once you have created an account on Pinterest for Bloggers, it’s time for…


It becomes really easy when you know about the algorithms of Pinterest. In this module, you’ll learn the secret recipe for creating and publishing high engaging pins.

Who Should Learn Making Viral Pins?

Anyone can learn the art of making good pins for Pinterest. Some people include:

  • New Blogger to Pinterest, wants to get Blog Traffic from Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Marketer struggling with Low Pin Engagements.
  • Getting high Pinterest Views but low Blog Page Views.

Come over to module 2, and you’ll learn how Professional Pinterest Bloggers are getting thousands of page views from Pinterest. Don’t spend a penny, everything’s free!

Pinterest For Bloggers – Module Conclusion!

When you are trying to get blog traffic from Pinterest, don’t take shortcuts. Instead, focus on creating an evergreen authority for your Pinterest target audience.

Using Pinterest for Bloggers is really beneficial if you are new to the field of blogging. As SEO will take up to 35 weeks to show the results, Pinterest can send a lot of traffic to your blogging website.

And guess what?

You don’t need to spend a single penny on those Pinterest Marketing Courses. This post is a part of my Free ‘Definitive Pinterest for Bloggers Guide‘ Course.

So, invest in what gives you results. The only thing I’m asking you to pay for is your Tailwind Plan. You won’t make it long without it.

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Don’t just sit, work for your Blog Traffic and earn money online passively.

I hope that you’ll love this free blog series. Do share it with your friends. If you’re in doubt, I’m just a comment away. Keep reading good stuff!

Good Luck,

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