How to Start a Blog for Beginners in 2020 (Secret Hack!)

How to Start a Blog that makes Passive Income overnight!

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Hello! So, you want to start a blog for profit to make money online, right? If you search Start a Blog for Beginners and look at all the search results, you will find tons of (boring) guides on starting a money-making blog. And no one is telling you real secrets for successful blog launching.

Starting a profitable blog seems like a complex technical procedure. But it’s not, believe me!


It’s not your fault. I’ve been observing the field of blogging from 5+ years and it has evolved as an emerging field for making money online from home. You can work from your couch — or kitchen, if you’re a food blogger, and earn a steady six-figure income every month from your blog.

In this guide, I’m going to share some industry secrets which helped me in starting this amazing blog. I will discuss the core steps under Blogging for Beginners to start a blogging website and save a lot of money with secret blogging hacks. Stick to the end!

Does everything seem to align? No!

The catch is, before getting over this practical and proven approach to starting a successful blog for making money, you need to pass a simple test.

I’ve put it here for you to make sure you know if you are ready for this amazing blogging journey or if you still need to figure out some decisions.


Blogging Tips Bloggerable

Out of these 3 questions, if you have answered ‘yes’ to two, then you are good to go. Start your blog right now because you’re gonna rock the internet with your content. You’ll start earning money from your blog and it will soon become your main source of income.

But, if you have less than 2 ‘Yes’, you will need to rethink your belief system. Because it will take your time, efforts, a little investment (which I guarantee will be lowest on this guide) and emotions. Why am I stressing so much?

Because it happened to me. I failed at blogging once. Yes, you’ve read this right. I started a blog before Bloggerable, wrote 4-5 well-formatted posts and then I left it. Because I didn’t know what else to do.

Take the blogging test

  • Blogging is not just about writing and publishing. Blogging involves a little technical knowledge about Web and SEO. Are you willing to learn the technicality and methods of the blogging field?
  • You always need to be flexible with your content. You need to modify it accordingly to get the best results. Are you willing to write what readers want to read, not just what you want to write?
  • The results of blogging are massive. You can make money from your blog beyond your expectations. But it takes time to build a steady platform. Are you willing to put one year into blogging without expecting any income?

What? You’re all Yes? That’s such an astonishing miracle. Just kidding!

I wanted you to know that blogging has the potential to make money but just like any other business, it also demands effort and continuous approach to competing in the market.

In this post, you will learn how to start a wordpress blog and get paid, how much does it cost to start a blog, how to implement exact plugin strategies to make your blog look professional and how you can start making money with your blog from day one.

Now let’s make a quick look at…

WHAT IS BLOGGING AND HOW TO Start a Blog for Beginners?

Bloggerable writing illustration

Blogging is just like maintaining a journal on the Internet. You are passionate about something, you write error-free about it and people with similar interests read your content and experience a connection with you.

Then, how professional blogging for money is different from simple blogging?

Well, it’s easy to understand.

Suppose, you’re passionate about using a particular product. You use it in your life and you’ve seen amazing results. Obviously, you’ll share it with your friends.

Now, your friend buys the same product with the help of your advice. And, as you direct a new customer to the product maker, you receive a certain amount of money as reward.

In other words, you promote a product and make your content around it. Reader buys the product (which he already wanted to buy but needed some expert guidance before finalizing the decision) and you get the commissions.

This is called Affiliate Marketing and it’s just one source of blogging income. There are other ways to make money with your blog too, but let’s not talk about that now.

Expert Tip: You will learn making money from your blog gradually and your upfront focus should always be towards creating and publishing user-intent content. Remember, content will always be the king!

Now, let’s start your blogging journey with the same methods which give birth to this heaven. Follow along with me and I’ll make sure to make it smoother for you.

And here we roll…


Blogging Profitable Niches

Have you ever seen a farmer wearing a lawyer’s outfit and driving an uber?

No! Because it doesn’t make any sense. The same is followed in the field of blogging. You can start a blog about anything but it won’t make sense to talk about everything at one place.

You need to focus on one field of study to learn and talk about it. That’s how you will become a Master of that field. Once you get credibility, you can convert your readership into money falling into your pockets.

If you’re looking for most profitable blogging niches then:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Finance
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Self Help/Personality Development
  • Beauty and Life Hacks
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Making Money Online


When I was in 9th standard, I started playing with Photoshop. I learned with tutorials from YouTube and then one day, for the sake of curiosity, I asked myself:

Why are people putting so much effort into making tutorials on YouTube?

What’s their benefit?

And then, BOOM! I exploded with knowledge of making money online. I went deep into the online money making field and the potential of the internet just blew me away. Since then, I kept myself updated with the related stuff.

I was stunned by how people have changed the definition of entrepreneurship and are heading towards transforming their lives. They all were working, not for money, but for their own peace. For their own passion. For their own enjoyment.

Results? I created Bloggerable to teach people what I’ve observed closely and how you can live a productive lifestyle, attracting money with your creativity and living your life like your favorite superhero.

What to do?

Take a pen and a paper and write down your interests. Short list 2-3 interlinking interests and make your own niche.

Expert Tip: The whole concept of choosing a niche is to focus on a field, understand it’s problems and give people solutions with your content. I highly recommend this book (Stop Selling Start Helping Affiliate). It completely changed my mindset.

Once you decide your blogging niche to start a blog as a beginner, it’s time for…


Bloggerable Web Hosting Illustration

A web hosting is basically a space on rent to store the files of your blog (images, posts, pages) so that readers can access it from any corner of the world with help of the internet.

And domain name (url) is like an address to access your files. You have a home and an address. Your blog deserves it too!


Domain Name

Note down all the words which are related to your niche and form a custom name out of it. For example – Facebook (, HealthLine (

Use this amazing domain name availability checker and get your FREE domain name with their hosting:


When we talk about web hosting, you cannot rely on any web hosting company. The reasons are simple:

  • Your web hosting affects your rankings on Google.
  • It also affects user experience. The better, the profitable.
  • Your hardwork is getting stored in their servers.

Expert Tip: You have to choose a reliable web hosting company. I’ve seen many blogs and website failures and their sole reason was bad web hosting servers. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!


Bluehost Review by Bloggerable

I highly (personally with all my best regards) recommend BlueHost Web Hosting for your new blog. They are the best in the market and being a new blogger, you can definitely expect the greatest results. BlueHost provides best in class hosting solutions for bloggers with:

  • Affordable Hosting at your Ease
  • FREE Domain Name (Otherwise $11 with different companies)
  • FREE SSL Certificate (Secure https for high credibility)
  • 1-Click WordPress Install (Easy Setup – No technicality required)
  • Optimized for SEO (High Google Rankings)
  • 24*7 Chat Support
  • Seamless WordPress experience with over 40,000+ themes and plug-ins to Choose
  • Secure Servers (Malware Free – Keeping your data safe)
  • Free Backups
  • In Built SEO Tools

So, it’s clear that BlueHost has no competition in the market. You can start your blog with BlueHost with less than $3.95/Month + Free Domain Registration + Lifetime Free SSL Certificate, that’s as cheap as a cup of coffee.

Start a Blog with Bluhost - Bloggerable

Choose a plan and enter your domain name to claim it for free. Once, you’re done, enter your details in the fields.

BlueHost Payment Bloggerable

Deselect what’s not needed to optimize the price. I highly recommend you to opt for domain privacy as it saves you from getting spammed or hacking attacks.

You can successfully checkout with any debit or credit card.

Or you can pay via Paypal by clicking on more payment options link.

setup bluehost account bloggerable


We did it. See? It was so simple. Even if you get any hassles, you can contact any technical person with help of their live chat feature.


Well, I’ve a surprise for you. This section is for you if you’re not sure about blogging and just wanted to give it a try.


You’ll fall down. Have a seat before reading this!

Bloggerable Hostinger Review Homepage

What if I tell you that you can get web hosting at a price of $0.99/Month?

Shocked? Well, I was too. When I heard about this company I thought about a low quality web hosting provider but I WAS WRONG!

In fact, Hostinger is one of the best and fastest serving web hosting companies in the world. They hold the record of loading a full web page in 143 milliseconds. That’s insane!

So, I researched more about Hostinger and found that this company even provides us free web hosting but with limitations (just like

Hostinger Review Bloggerable

And it is officially recommended by WordPress and Cloudflare.

Hostinger Buy Guide by Bloggerable

Though the web hosting for a blog the Hostinger starts at $0.99/Month but I recommend you to opt for a Premium web hosting plan which costs you around $2.89/Month and the reason is:

  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Lifetime Free SSL Certificate
  • Free SSL Activation
  • Free Domain based Email Account
  • Weekly Site Backups
  • 2X Performance
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  • Upto 100 Sub Domains
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

And Bonus Offer For Hostinger Customers is that you can use promo code – 000_STARTER_OFFER and it only costs you $57 for 1 year. It’s a steal!

What else do you need? You’re getting everything you need under a cost of nothing. Start your blog with Hostinger today and start making money with your new blog.

Blogging Niche? Done. Web Hosting and Domain? Done. It’s time for…


Bloggerable content designing illustration

When we talk about the most user friendly and fastest wordpress theme for a blogging website, there’s only one name which comes first.

Before I reveal the theme, I want to share the points to check before selecting a theme for your blog. And the checklist is:

  • It must be fast. Theme loading time affects google rankings.
  • It must be flexible. It’s your blog and you’re the one who decides what to show where.
  • It must let you edit credits. A lot of themes do not let you edit credits and you end up getting a credit line for the theme developer. It looks unprofessional!
  • It must be Astra.

Haha! Got you!


Astra Theme Review Bloggerable

Astra is the best wordpress theme for new blogs and even many professional bloggers are shifting to Astra. It’s a brand downloaded and used by 10,00,000+ bloggers worldwide.

It offers various features like:

  • Fast & Lightweight Framework (100% Speed Grade)
  • Just needs 50kb of space. Incredible!
  • Tons of Features in Free Version (Not available in other themes)
  • Customizable Footer (Show your Brand Power)

Or if you don’t want to settle, then Upgrade to Astra Pro and unlock full, true potential of your blog.

Astra Pro gives you a lot of customization features under 15+ categories and you can transform your blog (or website) into the next hot topic of the Internet.

Install Astra inside WordPress Dashboard by accessing:

Dashboard – Appearance – Theme – Add New – Search Astra – Install & Activate.


Or buy Astra Pro today and unlock professional features.


A plugin is a functional add-on for your blog. It adds extra features to make your blogging experience smoother and better.

Best Blogging Plugins

The WordPress market is filled with 100,000+ plugins but you do not need to use them all.  These are the ones which I use for my blog and they are enough.

Expert Tip: Don’t install too many plugins on your site. It makes your site slower and affects the performance. You can lose potential organic traffic if you own a slow blog.

You simply can’t afford to not have them on your blog. The plugins are:

AKISMET ANTI SPAM: This anti spam plugin protects your blog from spam comments. Being a blogger, you face a lot of spam comments under your blog post. With just this running in the background, you can blog hassle free.

YOAST SEO: The one and only SEO plugin which will help you optimize your website to rank better on the Internet. It gives you real time feedback on your blog, posts, images, keywords and also helps in showing a snippet preview.

ELEMENTOR: It’s a drag & drop page builder. You’re a blogger and you don’t need to know web development languages for beautiful designs. Just use this drag and drop page builder and create amazing looking blogs. I personally use this and it’s just amazing.

SOCIAL WARFARE: Have you ever seen social media sharing icons in a blog post? Oh! It’s just here in this guide too. So, I use this plugin to let people share my content and help as many people as possible. In return? I get new visitors!


It’s simple. If you want to make your blog successful then you need to map it with this standard sitemap structure consisting of pages and posts.

Bloggerable Coding Sitemap Illustration

Home Page: Your Homepage should talk about the purpose of your blog. If it grabs the attention for five seconds or more, it can convert your visitor into a regular reader.

About Page: It tells the story behind the blog, who the blogger is and how this blog serves for the readers. Your About Page helps in building a connection between blogger and the reader.

Contact Page: You’re a blogger and there must be a way for your reader to reach you. Maybe they wanted to give feedback? Maybe they wanted to thank you for helping them? So, this page is a form oriented page in which they can put their message and send it to you. Sometimes, you’ll also need this so that brands can contact you for sponsored posts. 

Privacy Policy Page (Must!!!): This is the most underrated yet must have page. Your blog is an authority and you must showcase your blog privacy policy publicly. It also helps you to get approval from many ad networks and affiliate networks.

These pages will make you look professional and organized. Before we wrap up this start a blog for beginners guide, I’ll like to take a moment.

I want to share…


When I say ‘Proven Blogging Success Tips’ I literally mean it. I’ve used the same strategies. The results?

Blog Hacks

Massive Results! 

I got blog traffic from the day I launched this blog. So, here’s what I’ve used and what you should too to get a boost after launching a successful blog.

Email Marketing is Must!

You’ve seen many blogs with asking for your email (just like this blog). This is done to get referral traffic on your blog. It’s simple, your reader has interest in your posts you send him notification about your new post. You can also use this list promote affiliate products, notifying them about your own products or any kind of updates in your blog’s privacy policies.

I personally us MooSend for this blog. And I love this their service!

You know what? It’s totally FREE to use!


Just visit MooSend and start Email Marketing for Free!


Believe me or not, Pinterest is the best social platform to get thousands of visitors on your blog. SEO takes time to rank on Google search results. It takes around 2-3 for your blog to be called as a high authority domain. So, start learning how to get massive traffic from Pinterest on your new blog and earn blog income from day one.

I’ve read and implemented Pinterest strategies from this book and it literally worked!

Ana is a great friend and here’s the deal which I made for my readers. Use ‘TSA5OFF’ coupon code during checkout and get a discount of $5 + $30 Tailwind Voucher inside the book.

Pinterest Book by Ana Bloggerable

Learn how to use Pinterest as a blogger to drive traffic to your website by crafting a strategy that works for your content and readers.

Hey, wait! It means $35 – $5 – (+$30 Voucher) = $0, you got the book for free! Go, grab it now.


It will benefit you in 2 ways.

First, you will have something to show on your blog. You can’t serve empty bowls to your guests. Having good quality posts will multiply your results.

Why don’t you use GRAMMARLY (it’s Free) to write better blog posts?

Second, it is best practice for SEO. When you update consistent quality content on a regular basis, you get high trust scores from search engines. Your sitemap will become a bigger directory for crawlers (google bots who analyze your content) and gets you better rankings.


That’s how you will earn maximum as a blogger. Never leave a normal link until the affiliate link is not available. And here’s a little secret, always use the ‘nofollow’ tag when putting affiliate links on your blog. It helps you in SEO.


Ah! Finally, we are here. I know that it’s a little overwhelming. And it has to be because that’s how we get extraordinary results.

I must tell you that starting a blog is easy. But the hard part is maintaining the consistency. Always try to solve a problem for people with your blog post.

That’s the only magical spell of Blogging Success.

How to Start a Blog

You can pin the image on your pinterest to get back to this post for clarification, and once you’re ready, start your money making blog.

Good Luck! 

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