10 YouTube Channels for Blogging Worth Subscribing for Success!

YouTube Channels for Blogging by Bloggerable

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Blogging has emerged into a new era of solo entrepreneurship. With the amount of competition in this field, it is crucial for any new blogger to learn from the experts.

As a professional blogger in the community, you need to check these ‘YouTube channels for blogging‘ list.

In this post, I am going to share the 10 best YouTube channels that every blogger should follow. Keep in mind that blogging is not an overnight get rich scheme. But if you do it in the right way, then you can easily earn more than $1000 in passive income monthly.

This post is not sponsored by any of these channels and I have personally selected the best channels.

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I’ll return to the the list but before I do that I want you to focus on one thing that I have always recommended to any new blogger.

Why Should You Subscribe To These Channels?

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You should always focus on learning new things to grow in your personal and professional life. There are numerous avenues that you haven’t explored yet in your field. One avenue is subscribing to these YouTube channels for your blogging career.

YouTube is a free source of learning and you can borrow from this video platform.

The field of blogging is comprised of various techniques and you need “over the shoulder” knowledge of other bloggers’ computer screens to understand the details of every method. YouTube gives you those details.

With the increase in competition and frequent changes from search engines and social media platforms, you need to keep yourself current with information. That way you can prepare your website for any kind of update. You cannot change the algorithm.

Let’s jump right into the list. I recommend you subscribe to them right now (if you haven’t yet).

Here we go…

10 YouTube Channels for Blogging to increase Knowledge!

Note that this list is in a random sequence and every YouTube channel that is listed, has its own unique way of presenting the information. I have also highlighted the main topics that they are covering.

You can also comment on any YouTube channel that deserves to be on this list and I’ll make sure to add it as soon as possible.

Let’s start…

Income School

Income School Review by Bloggerable

For a single source of learning blogging from YouTube videos, this is a channel I definitely recommend. Run by two Famous bloggers, who are also the creator of project 24, this channel is active on YouTube in providing great content for new as well as professional bloggers.

The creators of this channel share their experience regarding blogging and niche-based Amazon affiliate sites.

They also will go live and answer your questions in real-time. Their approach is professional towards the blogging field. They cover almost every topic with in-depth experience and knowledge. You can learn immediately with their YouTube channel.

Their content speaks louder than my praise and you should definitely subscribe to them.

Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek Review by Bloggerable

This YouTube channel is running by a single person who has a unique approach to launching blog sites.

His blog garners 500,000 page views per month organically from Google and he has sold his second site for $30,000.

I highly recommend checking out the content on his channel. He knows what works in the field and what doesn’t. He also has a unique approach to SEO and keyword research that is different than the traditional approach. But it works for him and he is getting all the results that he wants.

He also uploads Q&A videos where he answers common blogging questions.


Ahrefs Channel Review by Bloggerable

If you don’t know about Ahrefs, then you need to expand your blogging knowledge. Some sources state that they are going to launch their own search engine to compete with Google. Now, I cannot say if that is true or not but there is one thing that I must share with you.

If you are a blogger or say a serious blogger who wants to passively earn a 6 figure income per month , then this is the channel that you should definitely follow.

Blogging is a technical field and you cannot compete without having all the features Ahref has. This channel creates videos on various topics like Site Speed, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, etc.

They have also launched their free webmaster tool that you can use to grow your site.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean Review by Bloggerable

Brian Dean, the creator of Backlinko is a professional SEO expert who can bring real organic traffic to any site. While the name focuses on the major factor of SEO (Backlinks), he also covers other topics that help to create SEO friendly content with a hassle-free approach.

He has also launched his SEO course named ‘SEO That Works’ In this course, he talks about creating content for link builders that can share your content. This way, you can get a lot of backlinks to achieve higher rankings on Google.

The number of videos on this channel is low compared to other channels, but the quality and in-depth review of content is just amazing.

You cannot afford to miss this channel.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel Review by Bloggerable

He is the Guru of digital marketing right now. He helps Fortune 500 companies attract traffic from the internet to increase sales. He is also the creator of Keyword Research and SEO optimizing tool ‘Ubersuggest‘.

On his channel, he talks about various methods that help you to learn better than Google. He shows you how to mold your content around the latest algorithm update from Google.

He has covered topics from Blogging to YouTube and you can use his methods to grow your online business.

Go and check out his channel and you will be addicted to the content.

Anastasia Blogger

Anastasia Blogger by Bloggerable

I remember Anastasia Blogger from her Pinterest marketing course. And then, I followed her videos from YouTube and found them useful for growing my Pinterest account.

By the way, I have an updated version of the Pinterest marketing course for free. Go check it out.

If you are a blogger looking for Pinterest marketing for driving the referral traffic to your blog, then this is the channel that you should definitely subscribe to.

She has covered almost every niche and how it performs on Pinterest with regard to the amount of income that you can earn every month.

And, to be honest, this is the only reason why I like her channel. As SEO takes 6 to 8 months for showing results, you can always focus on Pinterest to drive a lot of traffic to your blog as a new blogger.

Create and Go

Create and Go Review by Bloggerable

If you are following some of the major bloggers in the digital marketing field, then chances are that you already know about Alex and Lauren from creating and go. They are the six-figure income earning bloggers with another health and fitness based blog named ‘Avocadu’.

Just like you, they have gone through the struggle of starting a blog from scratch.

The frequency of videos on this channel has reduced over time but the content is evergreen. So, you can always learn the basics of blogging and how to plan the structure of a blog.

They are also the creator of a famous Pinterest course ‘Pinterest Traffic Avalanche‘.

Allison Lindstrom

Allison Lindstrom Review by Bloggerable

Sometimes you can relate to a person who belongs to your community. Since there are a lot of female bloggers coming up with their professional blogs, I feel compelled to mention Allison Lindstrom as a great example.

She is not a techie, but you can relate to the basics that she presents on her channel and see an overview of how blogging works. She also explains what to expect from a blogging lifestyle.

She has been blogging for quite a long time and is successfully earning a good amount of income every month.

If you are a female blogger this is a site you might find inspiring, so check it out now.


WPCrafter YouTube Channel Review by Bloggerable

This is the guy who turns the technicality of WordPress into an easy learning process. WPCrafter covers the technical part of your blog and WordPress using in-depth videos and tutorials.

This channel is sponsored by a lot of brands and companies who want to target their products to the subscribers. But you can still get the idea of how to play with the settings of WordPress, even when you don’t know how to code.

He also has a FB Group where like-minded bloggers help each other on various technical and content-based topics.

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker Review by Bloggerable

As the name says, the channel helps you to create authority for your blogging website. Their concept is to improve your domain authority so that you can compete with others on Google search results. This maximizes the organic traffic to your site.

While their approach to creating authority sites is more in-depth in their paid courses, they do have some really good content that you can watch on YouTube. You can learn a lot of information from them.

They present videos on various topics, including backlinks, off-page SEO, etc. I highly recommend them if you want to create sites for affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

This is it. I have learned a lot of things from the channels and I implement them on my blog on a regular basis, the results are pretty impressive.

I also want to say that there are no hard and fast rules in blogging. In simple words, blogging is an experimental field where you can test, try, and execute the content according to your experience and the reaction of your readers.

I hope this post will help you in the long run. Share it with your friends and let me know what you think in the comments section. Keep reading good stuff!

Good Luck,

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